Thursday, January 05, 2006

Readers Inspired To Begin Anew On Low-Carb

With everyone thinking about New Year's resolutions this first week of 2006, my blog has been rockin' and rollin' with people looking for information about weight loss. That is so gratifying to me because it means I am providing information that people are finding to help them in their own weight loss journeys.

I received two very special e-mails today that I wanted to share with you because it shows you the power of "just being there" and setting an example for those around you. I never met either of these women today, but both of them were influenced to begin anew on their low-carb lifestyle because they saw in my success something that they wanted, too.

Here is what the first one wrote:

Hi Jimmy,

I happened to be at another website "Low Carb Retreat" and noticed your blog. Wow, you are an inspiration and thank you for speaking for the low-carb lifestyle.

I'm restarting low carb today. I followed Dr. Atkins' diet about 4 years ago and lost about 25 pounds (total weight loss was 32 lbs. - 7 with Weight Watchers in 1 whole year !!! and the rest in 5 months on Atkins. Unfortunately I didn't keep it up and maintain and gained back most of the weight lost.

After trying various weight loss plans for the past 4 years (shame on me) I have finally, finally, finally decided to go back to Atkins. I currently weigh 183 (at 5 ft. 5 in) and want to weigh 135-140 in one year's time. I know this time it will be a bit more difficult ... since going back and forth makes weight loss much harder to do ... but with God's help and my determination I will succeed.

Thank you for your blog. I'll certainly be reading it daily to keep me on track.

YOU CAN DO IT, I KNOW IT! Believe in livin' la vida low-carb so strongly that you cannot help but be a success and watch it happen for you. That's what got me from 410 down to 200 pounds!

And here is what the other woman wrote:

Dear Jim,

The reason for my email is just to say Thank You. I just finished reading the letter you wrote to Dr. Phil on your blog
And I have tears in my eyes. I did lose some weight last year, about 40 lbs on the Atkins´┐Ż diet but I stopped and I know I need to lose more.

I'm 26, 5'9" and my weight is 210 lbs and I know I should lose more but I felt like I couldn't. And yes I am happy I lost 40 lbs but I 'm still not were I want to be. And I thought I could never get there.

This year I decided I'M GOING TO LOSE MORE. So I've been on my diet for four days now, and as I'm sure you know it's been hard. But I want to reach my goal finally of 165 lbs.

And out of the blue I don't know how I got on to your blog page but I did. And reading your letter, when I read how much you lost and how you have kept it off. You have inspired me so much that is why I want to thank you. I know I can do it.

And I will continue to read your story and I am going to buy your book. And the day I reach my goal I will e-mail you again letting you know that I DID IT!

And you WILL do it! It sounds like you have a great plan in place and I just want to encourage you to press on, keep your head down, and trudge forward no matter what. Even if the plan seems to be stalling, just keep smiling and act like it's working like a charm. In the end, you will be SO glad you did and you WILL reach that 165 pound goal of yours.

It truly warms my heart to hear so many people tell me how I have helped inspire them to begin losing weight. WOW, what a neat thing that is to me! I have been so blessed by this entire weight loss experience that I feel obligated to tell the whole world how livin' la vida low-carb changed my life forever!

If you were inspired to begin a low-carb lifestyle after reading about my weight loss success story, then please let me know at


Blogger ONEHAPPYCAT said...

That's where I am, looking to start over...Last year, I lost 30 pounds on Atkins but got really bored with it because the recipes in their cookbooks called for ingredients that I think are expensive and what I can afford is high-carb!

1/08/2006 9:17 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hang in there onehappycat! I know it can be a little more expensive to purchase low-carb foods, but look at the wasted money on junk food and health care that your current lifestyle causes you to spend. When it's put in that perspective, a few extra pennies now will be well worth it to feel better, look great and live a long, healthy life. YOU CAN DO IT!

1/08/2006 12:44 PM  

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