Monday, February 06, 2006

Determined 650-Pound Woman Loses Nearly 400 Pounds On Atkins Diet, Gastric Bypass

This unbelievable human interest story from the Sioux City (IA) Journal today about a 650-pound woman who has lost close to 400 pounds since 2004 thanks to the Atkins diet and lifesaving gastric bypass surgery should give hope and inspiration to ANYONE who thinks it's too late for them to do something about their weight.

The incredible story of 41-year-old Laura Martin is one of strength, steady resolve, and motivation. This Norfolk, Nebraska woman used to be so completely immobile because of her weight that she needed to let her husband know where she was at all times in case he needed to help her move around.

It was so bad, the story notes, that she "wasn't even able to walk to her mailbox" and going away from her home was "virtually out of the question."

Can you imagine what kind of life that was for Martin? Thankfully my weight never got THAT bad, but I was headed in that direction had I not started livin' la vida low-carb in January 2004. I was 410 pounds when I started, but I could easily weigh over 600 pounds today just like my brother Kevin had I had continued on with my poor eating habits and inactivity.

Martin was there staring her reality right in the face -- SIX HUNDRED FIFTY POUNDS! To her credit, she turned to a healthy, nutritional approach that would not only help her lose a large amount of weight quickly, but permanently. She went on the Atkins diet.

Amazingly (although I personally lost close to 200 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle, it is STILL mindboggling to me how much weight people can lose by livin' la vida low-carb!), Martin lost about 250 pounds to bring her weight down to 400 pounds. Although she had accomplished a lot, she still had a long way to go before she could get her health back.

In March 2004 she had 50 pounds of hanging skin (I know about this problem, although mine doesn't weigh 50 pounds!) from her shrinking body and was declared eligible for gastric bypass surgery in September 2004.

Today, life for Martin has changed dramatically because of a low-carb lifestyle and her smaller stomach from gastric bypass surgery. Because of her new healthier eating habits as well as a regular exercise routine she has been on since July 2005, she is now down to 265 pounds and STILL losing. As you can imagine, life has dramatically changed for this woman who once felt trapped by the fat that used to literally weigh her down.

She even admits it's a little weird seeing herself nearly 400 pounds less than she used to weigh. She has been helped through regular counseling sessions with a gastric bypass support group in the Omaha, Nebraska are as she meets many others who struggle with weight problems, too.

Although she doesn't have a specific weight loss goal in mind, Martin said she simply wants to "weigh less" than she does now.

"For me, it's just seeing the scale keep going down," she told The Sioux City Journal.

I'm sure we can all relate to the message of "just seeing the scale keep going down," can't we? :)

WOW! What an incredible woman with an exciting story to tell. Can you imagine all the things she will get to experience now because she took an active role in taking back control of her weight and health?

The lesson learned from Martin's story is a simple one that needs to be grasped by anyone desiring weight loss of any amount: STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF, GET YOUR WEIGHT UNDER CONTROL, AND LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE! Period! If I can lose close to 200 pounds and Martin can shed almost 400 pounds, then what is standing in the way of YOU losing whatever it is you need to lose? The answer is NOTHING!

YOU CAN DO IT, you just have to believe that you can and then DO IT! Put in the effort as Martin did and NEVER give up hope. Let her story inspire you to reach new heights you never thought were possible. Without the head change, though, you'll never see a weight change. Weight loss begins in the mind and ends when you execute a solid plan for restoring your health.

For Martin and I, that plan was livin' la vida low-carb, although this way of eating may not necessarily be for you. But however you choose to lose the weight, don't ever quit doing your new lifestyle change. Make it a commitment for life and you will reap the enormous benefits that await you when you do. The time has arrived and now you need to make it happen!

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