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Memorial Day 2008 Low-Carb Diet Dispatch

Today is Memorial Day, the annual day on the calendar when we honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives to uphold the values and freedoms that personify the very essence of the United States of America. May we never forget the selflessness of our founding forefathers and those who have defending the American way on foreign battlefields so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today. They are the ones who give us the opportunity to talk so openly about livin' la vida low-carb without fear of being censored and silenced (although I'm sure there are a few who wished we'd just go away--NOT HAPPENING!).

I'm getting so backed up with quality low-carb news that it necessitates a rather large low-carb diet dispatch full of some truly amazing information today. As you enjoy your Memorial Day festivities, take some time to get updated on all that's happening with livin' la vida low-carb as we enter the summer months of 2008. ENJOY!


We already know that high blood sugar likely induces Alzheimer's disease and that a very high-fat, nearly zero-carb diet effectively treats it, so this new analysis paper of the latest research from Atkins diet nurse Jackie Eberstein published this month in the May 2008 issue of the Journal of Neurochemistry connects the dots about this obvious treatment option of a healthy lifestyle change to treat brain ailments. Somewhere Dr. Larry McCleary must be smiling today! :)


It's not unusual to see the healthy Atkins low-carb diet referred to as a "fad" diet, but this column actually details the criteria for what they mean by that. This was no doubt written by a duh-duh-duh-dietitian. Check these qualifications for a "fad" diet out and see if you agree:

- Recommendations that promise a quick fix
- Claims that sound too good to be true
- Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study
- Recommendations based on a single study
- Dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations
- Lists of “good” and “bad” foods
- Recommendations made to help sell a product
- Recommendations based on studies published without peer review
- Recommendations from studies that ignore differences among individuals or groups
- One or more of the five food groups eliminated

My response? Nobody claims the Atkins low-carb diet is a "quick fix," is an incredible diet that lets you eat delicious foods but not "too good to be true," is not based on making "simplistic conclusions" but rather solid diversified peer-reviewed scientific evidence and the experience of those who follow it, does not qualify foods but explains why you want to choose some foods over others, is not tied to any specific "products," and most definitely does not "eliminate" any foods. So, I suppose using this criteria as our guide, livin' la vida low-carb is decidedly NOT a "fad" diet. THANKS for clearing that up for us!


We always hear from those so-called health "experts" about the supposed lack of long-term evidence for health benefits of the low-carb lifestyle. This column actually points the finger at the high-carb, low-fat diets, too, which is good, but they neglect to give any credence to the long-term low-carb research that already exists. Have you seen this 20-year heart health study with low-carb? Conversely, we are VERY aware of the dismal failure of the low-fat lie. Plus, I don't need a "long-term study" to tell me what has worked for me and thousands upon thousands who come here every single day. That's all the proof I'll ever need!


A few weeks ago, Christine and I were excited to join the Triangle Low-Carb Cooking Meetup group in Cary, NC and it was a fabulous time with so many enthusiastic low-carbers in that area. Now they are ready to start meeting regularly again like when I blogged about the group last Fall. Join this Meetup at the Golden Corral on Roxboro Street in Durham, NC on Sunday, June 8, 2008 at 6:00PM EST. If you make it out to the meeting, be sure to tell Jen and the gang HEY for me. :D


Have you seen this EatSmart scale yet? I haven't seen anything quite like it and it gives you all the nutritional facts on any food you want to know more about. Just enter a code for the food you want to weigh, place the food on the glass-top platform, and voila! You get the portion size, calories, carbs, etc. for the food. The digital readout is perfect for people who like to cook a lot or just want to have accurate information about the food you are consuming. Give it a try for yourself and see.


After introducing you to last month by featuring this video featuring Dr. Mary C. Vernon, now they have another video available with Dr. Alan Einstein, D.O. as he describes metabolic syndrome and how a low-carb lifestyle can help cure it. You're gonna LOVE this!!!


When I talk about my low-carb weight loss success that happened in 2004, one thing I ALWAYS try to do is give credence to and acknowledgment of God's role in making this happen. Like the person in this "Chicken Soup For The Soul" article, I too found great strength that went beyond anything I could have done to overcome my morbid obesity. Greater is He that is in me than anything this world could ever offer and that includes your weight loss efforts. Trust the Lord to guide you, give you the power to overcome your addictions, and win this battle of the bulge! May God bless you in your own efforts like He did for me.


Gee, what a surprise--a high-protein, low-glycemic diet is the preferred way of eating to help you keep the weight off once it has been lost. This flies in the face of those who constantly tell us that you need to eat a low-calorie/low-fat diet over the long-term to keep the weight off for good. WRONG! A recent podcast interviewee Dr. Yoni Freedhoff explained that eating protein at every meal keeps the hunger away so you end up eating less calories than you would if you loaded up on carbs. It makes perfectly logical sense and I'm glad to see this study as well confirming what we already know.


One year ago, I blogged about The Coca-Cola Company teaming up with Cargill to bring the plant-based stevia to the market and get FDA-approval of their version as a sweetener. This new web site explains how rebiana is somewhat different than stevia because it is the sweetest and best-tasting part of the stevia leaf. This is what they are making TRUVIA, the name brand for this new sweetener, out of and expect to have on the market by the end of the year in packets. Coke will be working on a variety of beverage products for 2009 while Cargill will be working on various food products. I'm working on doing a podcast interview with a representative from either Cargill or Coke to talk about these developments! Developing...


We all LOVE our low-carb recipes and our friends at dLife have created this new recipe finder that allows you to search through thousands of delicious recipes that are perfect for people with diabetes or following a controlled-carbohydrate nutritional approach. There are categories depending on what level of carbohydrate restriction you are in: Carb Safe (≤ 30g), Low Carb (≤ 15g), and Very Low Carb (≤ 3g). Spruce up your low-carb cooking with these incredible recipes!


Another recent podcast interviewee Monica Reinagel has an excellent blog post about being careful about anything that claims to be "low-carb." My motto is ALWAYS to be skeptical about the carb count of anything until you can check it out for yourself. Monica's web site has this amazing tool for doing a nutrient search on virtually any food you can think of.


I got an exciting e-mail from a low-carb blogging buddy named Muata from the "Mr. Low Body Fat" blog today who told me CNN contacted him last week about doing a story on his incredible triple-digit low-carb weight loss success. WOO HOO! They taped him training on Friday and will air the segment for their "Fit Nation" show coming up at 8:30AM EST on this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. CONGRATULATIONS Muata! You are an amazing ambassador for this remarkable way of eating. YOU GO BOY!!!


One of my readers shared the following story with me about the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel and their amazing low-carb menu:

"I was recently in a Cracker Ballet restaurant in South Carolina, your neck of the woods, we were vacationing on Tybee Island. On the trip home we stopped in a Cracker Barrel. I noticed that the menu had changed. There was no low carb section! This is why I stop at Cracker Barrel. I asked the waitress why? She said oh we changed it because nobody ate the low carb stuff anyway. I said what!?

I later talked to the manager and she said that the low carb menu was definitely coming back because they had received a lot of complaints. Great! This particular store was a test site for the new menu. I love the Cracker Barrel menu. It is the only restaurant I know that offers a great Low Carb Section.

This is proof positive of the power of the people to impact change. Cracker Barrel is one of the few restaurant chains still catering to people on the low-carb lifestyle. KUDOS to them for recognizing that livin' la vida low-carb is here to stay for many of us. THANK YOU Cracker Barrel!


The self-publishing company I used to print my debut book Livin' La Vida Low-Carb: My Journey From Flabby Fat To Sensationally Skinny In One Year is and the owner Angela Hoy has filed a class action lawsuit against because of some rather unscrupulous practices they are engaged in to corner the publishing the market all for themselves. Amazon is picking off print-on-demand (POD) publishers one-by-one by forbidding anyone from being able to order books from any POD except for their own (BookSurge). In other words, they are monopolizing the book market and Booklocker doesn't think this is fair. This will be interesting to watch because it could impact how books are sold in the future. That's why I am encouraging people to get my book directly from Booklocker where you can get it in paperback or as an e-book download. :D

That's about it for now, so you're updated on just about everything you need to know about the low-carb lifestyle for now. We'll keep researching and investigating all the latest happenings in the wonderful world of low-carb living for you so you'll never miss a beat. THANK YOU for reading and feel free to send me anything you see about low-carb that I might be interested in by e-mailing me at

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Blogger quotidianlight said...

ummm... using their standards the low fat diet is also a fad diet?!?!?!

- Claims that sound too good to be true
- Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study Check
- Recommendations based on a single study uh... this doesn't apply to either!
- Dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations check
- Lists of “good” and “bad” foods check
- Recommendations made to help sell a product Hello department of Ag and pharmaceutical lobby!
-differences among individuals or groups Sure doesn't sound like Atkins but hmmm.... what other diet has been forced upon an entire population without regard to individuals or groups??? Low fat... Maybe?

Wow, her criteria for a fad diet really slams low fat!

5/26/2008 11:48 PM  
Blogger Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

It cracks me up when people say a fad diet leaves out a food group, yet you never hear that applied to vegan or vegetarians.

5/27/2008 12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cracker Barrel removed the LC menu last year but brought it back quickly. I can't believe they would attempt to do it again. But if all you low carbers aren't eating at CB, it will go away. Don't let that happen.

I tried Zevia diet cola and it is just as good as Diet Pepsi and better than Diet Coke. I bought it at EarthFare for $6.50 for a six pack. Pricey!

5/27/2008 2:40 PM  
Blogger ValerieAnne said...

here's what I don't get about the stevia in Coke.... I have read for years that there already is Diet Coke in Japan with stevia. I honestly don't know if it's true. But if it IS true, why does it have to be re-developed here? Should they at least market test the current version? I know Americans prefer more sweetness than Asians.

5/27/2008 8:19 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Yes, valerieanne, it is true that DC with stevia has been sold in Asia for years. But they allow stevia to be used as a sweetener there, whereas the FDA has forbidden that here. So when the FDA finally gets off their duff and approves rebiana, the sweetest part of the stevia plant leaf, Coke will likely try the same formulation that's used in Asia. THANKS!

5/27/2008 11:05 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

That was an excellent interview with Dr Einstein. I wish I'd known about him when I lived near his practice. Unfortunately, I can't find any doctors here who are low carb friendly. The most I can hope for is that they won't be totally antagonistic.

5/28/2008 12:23 AM  

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