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Transcript: Jimmy Moore Radio Interview About The Atkins Diet (Part 4 of 4)

(The following is a transcript of a radio interview conducted with Jimmy Moore about the Atkins diet by Ralph Bristol on Newsradio 1330/950 AM in the Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area on Friday, August 5, 2005 from 5:00-6:00pm. This is the final installment in the four-part series.)

RALPH BRISTOL, HOST OF THE RALPH BRISTOL SHOW: Okay, our phone lines are jammed with people who want to talk with Jimmy Moore, the #1 defender of the Atkins diet in the universe. So, um, as soon as somebody else is finished, why you can jump in at 232-9673 in Greenville, 574-WORD in Spartanburg, e-mail This is The Ralph Bristol Show on WORD. Jimmy, you ready for some more calls?


Ralph: I'll right, here's, uh, let's talk to D.R. in Lyman, D.R. welcome you're on 950 WORD.

Caller D.R.: Hey Ralph, hey Jimmy.

Jimmy: What's up D.R.?

Ralph: Hey, Jim-, er, uh, hey D.R.

Caller D.R.: Hey, uh, er, uh, nicest loser I've ever met.

Jimmy: (laughter) I resemble that remark. Thank you very much.

Caller D.R.: Hey, listen, I wanted to ask you about your book. Uh, are you gonna have information about the Atkins diet in your book or is it going to be more or less a book about how you went through the diet?

Jimmy: It's more autobiographical, D.R., and actually you're in it, too. Um...

Caller D.R.: Uh oh!

Jimmy: I put a little line in there about you and the contest.

Caller D.R.: No pictures please.

Ralph: It's autobiographical and instructional. It does tell you how to make this work.

Jimmy: It does, but as far as explaining low-carb meticulously, I leave that to Dr. Atkins. He knows the science.

Caller D.R.: It's so easy to get to.

Jimmy: Right.

Caller D.R.: You know, wah, well, what I was wanting, really wanted to ask you is how can I get one of these books?

Jimmy: (laughter)

Ralph: I don't think he wants people to know that, D.R.! (laughter)

Caller D.R.: Oh really?

Jimmy: Trust me, you will know, I will hook Ralph up with the information. It will be on and it will be available at Barnes & Noble, I'm going to try to get them to carry it locally.

Ralph: When do you think it's going to be out?

Jimmy: I'm hoping that by, say, February or March next year.

Ralph: Oh, okay.

Jimmy: It's about a six-month process and I just turned in the manuscript in July.

Ralph: Mm hmm. Okay.

Caller D.R.: Will you have a book signing?

Jimmy: (laughter) Ralph will have to host one somewhere.

Ralph: He'll have a book signing. He'll have a book signing.

Jimmy: (laugher)

Caller D.R.: Thank you guys.

Ralph: All right, D.R. thank you.

Jimmy: Thanks D.R.

Ralph: Don in Greenville, welcome you're on 1330 WORD.

Caller Don: Hi guys, uh, real quick question. Um, about eight years ago I lost about sixty pounds on the low-fat thing, but I got to know, uh, Tony Little, who is this exercise guy down in Florida, went into his gym and he ran me ragged with exercise. How much exercise for this, when I get on the Atkins diet, I can't keep on it for anything. I try to exercise and, uh, after a couple of weeks I'm discouraged and I go back to my old sinful ways.

Ralph: Yeah.

Caller Don: Help me!

Ralph: Okay. All right, uh, Don thank you. You do exerc-, um, I mean exercise, er, that's another one of, a huge change in
your lifestyle and as I understand it, it was a grind to begin with, but now you can't, y-you just can't imagine a day without a lot of exercise.

Jimmy: It was very similar to the low-carb experience. And he was talking about losing weight on low-fat, I lost 170 pounds doing low-fat in 1999 and I used to brag about how I would never exercise. And I lost all that weight without exercise.

Ralph: Yeah.

Jimmy: I was so stupid. (laughter)

Ralph: Yeah.

Jimmy: But when I did it this time, somehow I knew exercise had to be a part of it and I just started doing it. I mean, 410 pounds, hopped up on that treadmill at three miles an hour for twenty minutes gasping for air when I was done...

Ralph: Yeah.

Jimmy: And now I'm up to about an hour a day on the cardio, I do the elliptical machine and I go about eight and a half, nine miles an hour, burn about, maybe a thousand calories when I do that. And then I started weight lifting about three or four months ago and, yeah, I mean, it's totally changed my life.

Ralph: But it's not a chore anymore.

Jimmy: It's not a chore. Actually, I crave it like I used to crave chocolate cake.

Ralph: (laughter) Or a case and half of, uh...

Jimmy: Or a case and a half of Coke. (laughter)

Ralph: Of Coke! See now that's what I do-. I, that's what to many of us is like, this is like Greek to us, craving exercise.

Jimmy: Mm hmm.

Ralph: Um, you didn't crave exercise when you started.

Jimmy: The only exercise I craved was, um, one sit-up a day. And half of it was when I got up in the morning and the other half when I laid down at night.

Ralph: (laughter) How long did it take you from dreading exercise to tolerating exercise to craving exercise?

Jimmy: Well, I, I went through a lot of pain with blisters on the bottom of my feet when I first started. Um...

Ralph: See, you're not making this sound very, uh, appealing.

Jimmy: Well, it wasn't appealing at first. All I can encourage people to do is stay on it, stick with it, eventually you will see results that you'll be very pleased with.

Ralph: But not just see results, you will enjoy this stuff that now is just like torture to you.

Jimmy: (laughter) True.

Ralph: Yeah.

Jimmy: Exactly.

Ralph: But you didn't answer. How long?

Jimmy: (laughter)

Ralph: How long did it take you to get from one stage to the next?

Jimmy: Um, I would...

Ralph: Cause people are gonna have to know how long they're gonna have to tolerate this torture before they like it.

Jimmy: I'm not, oh, and, let's back up. It's not torture. It was a little pain for a small amount of time. I would say maybe a month for me just because I wasn't used to doing any exercise.

Ralph: Yeah. Okay.

Jimmy: And then about three months I started to tolerate it and by six months in I had already lost about a hundred and something pounds, I was...

Ralph: You were craving it.

Jimmy: I was just rarring to go.

Ralph: So, if you can, if you can tolerate it for three months, you're over that, it takes you about three, it too you...

Jimmy: It took me three months.

Ralph: About three months to get over that hump.

Jimmy: It could take others who might be in a better position, I was 410, I mean I was...

Ralph: It could take longer, but there is a hump you will get over.

Jimmy: You will get over the hump if you press on.

Ralph: Here's Chris in Inman, welcome you're on 950 WORD.

Caller Chris: Hey Ralph, I lost, uh, 63 pounds on the Atkins diet about two years ago and I haven't gained, uh, just a small amount back...

Ralph: Good for you!

Caller Chris: Nothing significant. But I got a theory on, uh, Atkins filing for bankruptcy. I think they're a victim of their own success rather than, you know, people, uh, going through this fad, or, or, the fad passing.

Ralph: Yeah.

Caller Chris: I think there's a lot of, Atkins products are expensive, you strictly, you know, buy the Atkins products.

Ralph: Right.

Caller Chris: But there's a lot of other competition out there now because of the popularity of the low-carb diets, Atkins, South Beach and so forth. And I think that competition and lowering the prices is more of what caused the bankruptcy for Atkins.

Ralph: Yeah, it could be. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Let's grab another phone call. Here's Mark in Liberty, Mark you're gonna get the last question.

Caller Mark: Hey, uh, this is Mark Keiser from Liberty, South Carolina. I just want to say that the diet works. Um, I lost over 240 pounds.

Ralph: Oooo.

Caller Mark: About, uh, two or three years ago and I've kept it off.

Ralph: And you've kept it off.

Jimmy: WOW!

(in studio applause track)

Ralph: Our studio audience loved that!

Caller Mark: Yeah.

Jimmy: I'm not worthy.

Caller Mark: I went from a 64-inch waist down to about a 32, 34.

Ralph and Jimmy: WOW!

Ralph: WOW! Great!

Caller Mark: So, it does work, now I did like Jimmy I work out every day.

Ralph: Yeah.

Jimmy: Good for you.

Caller Mark: But it does work.

Ralph: All right. Mark, thank you. Congratulations, too, by the way and congratulations to you, Jimmy. Keep us updated on the progress of the book and when it's all done we'll have you back to talk about your book. And yes we will arrange for a book signing.

Jimmy: (laughter)

Ralph: Jimmy Moore, the author of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb." See ya tomorrow folks.

NOTE: You can click here to listen to Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of Jimmy Moore's interview with Ralph Bristol about the Atkins diet.


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