Thursday, October 06, 2005

You'll Never Believe What My Body Fat Is

The company I work for had a Heath Fair today so the employees could help monitor various aspects of their health. I was able to get all of my blood work done (but not without the pain of a defective needle that was having a hard time sucking the blood out of me! AACCK!) to see what my cholesterol, glucose, and the whole kit and kaboodle with my numbers were like. The last time I had this done was in January 2005 right after I initially lost my 180 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle.

However, there was a machine set up that measured your total body fat composition among other things that was attracting a lot of attention from the employees. You had to take off your socks and shoes to step up on this machine and it would spit out a variety of numbers regarding your body fat. Here is what the readout said after I stepped on the machine:



ATHLETIC (oh really!)






6ft 2.5 in (I shrunk a half foot!)


231.2 lbs (with clothes, but no shoes)


29.2 (considered obese, but they said this is irrelevant because my muscle elevated this number)


9362 kJ, 2238 kcal (basal metabolic rate means the amount of calories I burn in a day)


360 horseshoe (I have no idea what this means)


(Are you ready for this? It blew me away!) 11.0% (they said mine was the lowest in the company!)


25.41 lbs (of my 231.2 pounds, only 25.41 of it is fat. How cool is that?!)


205.81 lbs (this is my weight excluding all body fat)


150.61 lbs (total body water, which is in normal range for me at 65%)

I was totally SHOCKED to find out my body fat percentage was just 11 percent!!! This was phenomenal and the person who took it responded by saying "WHOA! Do you workout?" I said I did daily cardio and some weight lifiting. She said my body fat composition was the best she had seen in the building and extremely good. As a 33-year-old man, "normal" range is between 8.0%-19.4%. Before I started livin' la vida low-carb, my body fat percentage was close to 50%!!!

This kind of good news about the improved health of someone who is on the low-carb lifestyle should silence the critics who claim this way of eating makes you fat. In my case, just the opposite happened! How cool is that?!

For more information on the importance of your body fat percentage, click here.


Blogger Kalyn Denny said...

Wow, great job on the body fat. Many years ago, in my previous life, I used to teach aerobics six times a week. At that time my body fat was 17%, very low for a woman. Now I know it is much higher, but I think my body fat is still pretty good for a woman my age (which I am never going to reveal, so don't even think about asking.)

10/08/2005 5:12 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS so much, Kalyn! Wow, an aerobics instructor, eh? From fitness guru to education extraordinaire to recipe goddess...HOW DO YOU FIT IT ALL IN?! LOL!

Your BMI was probably the equivalent of a man with a 6-7% bod fat range. They told me at 11% that I probably shouldn't lose any more fat. Isn't that a hoot!

By the way, Kalyn, 29 never looked so fine on you. :)

10/08/2005 8:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

My body fat was recently measured and it was 11% also. I am a 5'2", 103 pound woman. I am still within a healthy this something I should worry about? I don't really want to gain weight.

9/15/2006 11:35 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hey Rebecca,

THAT'S FANTASTIC for a woman's body for your body fat percentage to be that LOW! GREAT JOB!

Keep doing whatever you are doing to maintain that awesome body fat. EXCELLENT WORK!!!

9/15/2006 12:01 PM  

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