Sunday, January 29, 2006

Have We Been Duped By Our Doctors?

Joel Kauffman exposes 11 common medical myths we think are true

Okay, admit it! You know you've done it and I don't want you denying it. We've all done it.

You're flipping through the television channels and you stop on a station with a man in a white coat talking about what he recommends for his own patients.

"Take an aspirin a day to ward off heart attacks and live longer."

"You need to take this cholesterol-lowering drug to prevent heart attack or stroke."

"This exercise equipment will give you the workout you need to live a long and healthy life."

Sound familiar? Isn't is strange how we rely so heavily on a slick 30-second spot we see on the boob tube to give us our surface knowledge about what is good and healthy for us? But what we don't know about how wrong some of these common medical myths are has led to 200,000 deaths a year in America and there is one man who has set out to help you protect yourself from becoming the next victim in this national marketing scam.

His name is Dr. Joel M. Kauffman and he has written a controversial eye-opening book called Malignant Medical Myths.

It is very similar to Kevin Trudeau's bestselling book Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About and will appeal to fans of that book.

But unlike Trudeau's book which requires you to visit his various web sites and pay a subscription fee to find out about all the medical myths he talks about in his book, Kauffman lays it all out there in his book and provides the scientific facts to back up what he claims are lies coming from the medical community, drug companies, the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the United States Department of Agriculture, and even the National Institute of Health.

Revolutionary to say the least! But Kauffman is convinced Americans need to be aware of these things to protect themselves and their families from falling prey to the ignorance that pervades our society regarding common medical claims.

In Malignant Medical Myths, he questions the following medical myths, as he calls them, put forth by health and medical "experts":

1. Taking an aspirin a day will make you live longer.
2. Low-carb diets are unsafe and don't work for weight loss.
3. Using statin drugs to lower cholesterol will improve health.
4. People over 50 should take medicine for hypertension.
5. A drink a day keeps the doctor away.
6. Exercise! Run for your life! No pain, no gain.
7. EDTA chelation therapy for atherosclerosis is dangerous.
8. Radiation is dangerous except when administered by an oncologist.
9. Yearly mammograms extend life.
10. Cancer treatments have cure rates of 60%.
11. Fluoride in the water prevents tooth decay and is safe.

If you believe ANY of the above statements as medically accurate, then you need to get Malignant Medical Myths. Kauffman outlines for you his extensive research on each of these and explains to you the truth using scientific studies and information so you can be armed for battle when you come up against these myths again in the future.

There are several appendices in the back of the book that include additional resources for you to continue to learn more about these medical myths along with some more in-depth information comparing the low-carb diet programs (I especially enjoyed reading Kauffman's analysis of the various plans) as well as the chemical make-up of statin drugs. You will be amazed by what you learn from this book.

So the next time you're flipping through those channels and you see a man in a white coat who looks like a doctor making a claim, you might want to reference Malignant Medical Myths to see if the doctor is selling you a bag of goods or not.

THANK YOU, Dr. Kauffman, for sharing this important project with the world. It's high time the medical community stops monopolizing the medical information they want to distribute just to appease their own special interests. Malignant Medical Myths is hopefully just the beginning of the tide turning towards the truth.


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