Thursday, January 26, 2006

Water Breathes Life Into Low-Carb Living

Dr. Richard Feinman wants to know why low-carbers drink more water

One of the privileges of attending the Nutritional & Metabolic Aspects of Carbohydrate Restriction in Brooklyn, New York last weekend was the exposure to some of the greatest minds in the scientific and research community examining the science that makes livin' la vida low-carb work. One of those brilliant people was the event's organizer (with the administrative assistance from Regina Wilshire, of course) from SUNY Downstate, Dr. Richard Feinman.

Dr. Feinman has been one of the researchers who has connected the dots between the healthy benefits of low-carb to the negative side effects associated with metabolic syndrome.

However, he is also very interested in the anthropological aspect of the low-carb lifestyle which is why he took this survey of real-life low-carbers to see what they actually do on a low-carb diet. His findings were simply amazing.

In the survey, which will be released to the public in greater detail in a few months, Dr. Feinman asked what the items of greatest importance on their low-carb lifestyle were. Predictably, "avoiding sugar" and "avoiding starch" were the #1 and #2 responses, but the third response took him completely by surprise -- "drinking water."

During weight loss, I drank about four 1 1/2 liter bottles of water a day!

Interestingly, Dr. Feinman said this was an "unexpected" response and added, "We don’t know why this was so or what people had in mind and would be glad to hear any opinions." I told Dr. Feinman at the conference in Brooklyn, NY that I wrote an entire chapter in my book about why I drink more water now that I am livin' la vida low-carb and he bought a copy for himself. :)

But he does bring up a good question in relation to people following a low-carb program. Why should you drink more water when you are livin' la vida low-carb? Excellent question! And I have come up with my top 10 reasons for drinking more water to help you faciliate your low-carb weight loss strategy:


1. Curbs appetite
2. Flushes excess ketones and waste out of the body
3. Helps lose stored water weight
4. Washes down spicy and salty, low-carb foods
5. Relieves constipation
6. Allows the liver to metabolize stored fat
7. Prevents getting thirsty
8. Psychologically "cleans your insides"
9. Keeps kidneys functioning well
10. Generally considered "healthy"

There are more reasons to drink water, but those are my top ten. I do expand upon these further in my book if you want to get into the nitty gritty of my reasoning behind increased water consumption.

Maybe you have a few more you'd like to share with us and Dr. Feinman, too. You can click on the comment button below and submit your reasons for drinking more water. Or, you can send your comments directly to Dr. Richard Feinman at

Tell us why YOU drink more water on your low-carb lifestyle!


Blogger April said...


Not sure if this is low carb enough for you, but it's a yummy dessert:

1 Trader Joe's Low Carb Tortilla
2 tablespoons fat free ricotta
100 g apples
more cinnamon!
dash of Splenda
12 g almonds

spread the ricotta over the tortilla, top with a dash of Splenda and some cinnamon. Cover with chopped apples, top with more cinnamon! Bake at 350 for twenty mins, 200 for just as long as you want to keep it warm while you're eating dinner. Add almonds after removing from oven, before serving. Serve hot! Delicious, lower carb dessert. Could make even lower carb by using regular ricotta or a higher fat cheese, but I keep my saturated fat low, so I prefer the ffr.

Hope you're well! Loving your blog, as always!


1/27/2006 9:43 PM  

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