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GoLower Bars Make U.S. Debut At CarbSmart


Beginning RIGHT NOW, you can get your own supply of the British low-carb snack food sensation GoLower bars exclusively at their American supplier,! Orders are being taken for each of the three flavors -- Raspberry, Chocolate, and Coconut -- so you can enjoy the wholesome goodness that these bars provide.

I recently conducted an exclusive interview with the amazing founder and creator of GoLower named Hannah Sutter about her unique products, how she thinks Americans will react to them, and where she sees the low-carb movement taking her business in the coming years:

1. Hannah, you are such a delightful lady with an outstanding personality who I had the distinct pleasure of meeting earlier this year in Brooklyn, NY. Share with my readers who Hannah Sutter is in a nutshell.

Jimmy it was great to meet you too! In a nutshell I'm just a consumer who got a little more angry with the diet and food industry and wanted to have products that I wanted to eat. So I spent some time researching the market and planned a few visits to the US to see what was happening there. As a mother I also wanted to produce products that were natural and I wanted to eat.

2. What made you want to leave the legal profession and start a company called GoLower in 2004, producing low-carb, low-sugar, low-glycemic foods? Did you think there was a void in the marketplace that needed to be filled?

I had become a partner in the firm and having worked as the lawyer for many successful business people I really wanted to try it for myself. Many of those business people had been low carbing for many years and this inspired me to start Go Lower.

At this time the only products available in the UK were highly processed imported snacks that didn't sit well with the UK growing demand for natural foods. The choice that we made to produce natural low sugar products that didn't contain artificial sweeteners and were honestly labeled (no net carbs!) has been a critical part of our ability to ride the highs and low of low carb and retailers demand to stock products.

3. Once you started experiencing growth and success in the UK, did you think there would be a market for GoLower bars overseas, especially in the U.S.?

We have always believed that the US could be a fantastic market for our products because they are so unique. It was important however to prove the bars within the UK market first to avoid becoming distracted with overseas opportunity. I have regularly attended nutrition and low carb conferences in the US and felt following the conference in Brooklyn, NY this year that the time had come to try and conquer the US!!

4. What barriers do you see standing in the way of the U.S. consumer embracing the GoLower bars as enthusiastically as they have in the UK?

Confusion. I think that the raft of poorly thought through products that flooded the market in 2003/2004 will have caused consumers to think carefully about using any low sugar or carb snacks as part of their healthy eating and dieting plans. We do believe that our products are very unique as they are totally natural and don't have added artificial sweeteners but communinicating this is a challenge!

Once consumers have tried our products we find they become lifelong supporters of them. Apart from that there isn't any issues that differ from the UK.

5. Tell us your thoughts about the state of the low-carb lifestyle in 2006 and explain how it has affected your business either directly or indirectly. Do you see a rebound or is low-carb as a business on the way out?

Low carb has gone through a super rollercoaster ride with companies launching, experiencing explosive growth and then imploding which has created a consumer and retailer resistance to stocking so called "low carb" products. I think that the main barrier is currently the retailers who think that they have "been there" and don't need to support the low carber anymore.

The consumer on the other hand is still out there but may not class themselves as a diehard low carber but a low GI consumer but the important fact is they all want to reduce significantly their carbohydrate and sugar intake to avoid the blood sugar spikes. I certainly don't think low carb is on its way out but we must accept that the damage that poorly produced products did to the market and focus on the new exciting research that is being published showing carbs and sugars as the #1 enemy for Western civilation.

6. What is the best case scenario in your mind regarding the GoLower bars being introduced this month to the American public for the first time ever? What about the worst case scenario?

Well having spent many hours is my kitchen coming up with the recipe I always want everyone who tries the product to love it and this is the best feedback we can get - loyal, satified customers. On the worst scenario perhaps no one likes my bars!!! But if the UK market is anything to go by this won't give me too many sleepless nights.

7. What do you think the reality will be regarding how well your products will do in America?

I think the reality is it will take time to establish due to the size of the American market, but we don't need an overnight success and are commited to listening to feedback to help us improve the product and future ranges. Go Lower wasn't built in a day, and we are commited to the long term swing to healthy low carb/sugar eating.

8. If you could say anything you wanted to the American people, two-thirds of which are either overweight or obese, about your GoLower bars and how they can help them in their weight loss efforts, what would it be?

Read the labels, research and if you do one thing today reduce significantly your processed carb intake. The food industry is so against any changes that would move control away from these multinationals. But consumers have the power, the UK has recently used consumer action to change the quality of kids school meals through a number of programs such as Jamie School Dinners.

Consumers have the power, vote with your feet (or stomachs!).

9. Is GoLower currently working on any new products right now to help people who are livin' la vida low-carb?

Yes, we are, we have just launched a range of chocolate bars in the UK that use all the same principles that our nut bars have (for example, they are totally natural, contain no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners and taste great).

We hope that these will complement the original GoLower bars to offer an alternative to those who still like me want a little chocolate snack.

We will be looking at launching these in the US later this year once they are established in the UK. For your international travelers, they can get these new bars at any UK airport (WH Smith Travel) who stock them.

10. THANKS so much for sharing your thoughts with the readers at my blog. On behalf of them, I would like to say how much I appreciate the attention to detail you have given to provide only the highest quality of low-carb products that you possibly can. Keep up the great work you are doing with GoLower and I look forward to many more years of success from your company! One final question: how do you feel about working with CarbSmart to bring the GoLower bars to the U.S. for the very first time?

We are very excited to be working with CarbSmart as our introduction into the U.S. market. We hope that this is the beginning of a long relationship.

THANK YOU, Hannah, for this excellent interview and I know my readers and low-carb fans all across the United States are thrilled we can finally get our hands on your GoLower bars and make them a regular part of our low-carb lifestyle.

If you haven't tried these bars, then what are you waiting for? They're here, they're here! Click here to get some for yourself, your friends, your co-workers, your kids -- heck, buy some for the whole neighborhood because they're healthy and they taste out of this world.

Through midnight on May 31, 2006, CarbSmart is offering a special coupon code (golower) that you can use when you spend at least $59 (equivalent to the cost of about 2 cases of GoLower bars). You get FREE UPS Ground shipping to the contiguous US on your order. You don't HAVE to only purchase GoLower bars, but it's certainly a great opportunity to stock up!

For people in Canada, or delivery by U.S. mail including the military, you can use another coupon code (may2006) when you spend $100 for $10 off your order.

With GoLower bars making their U.S. debut at CarbSmart, it's time to celebrate. GoLower bar, anyone?


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