Saturday, April 30, 2005

Indiana Retailer Offers Low-Carb Convenience Foods

The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Indiana reported on a new low-carb retailer in that area that is helping people who are livin' la vida low-carb find foods to satisfy their discerning way of eating.

Low Carb Zone and Gerber & Company Foods are urging people to turn to the low-carb lifestyle to lose weight and get healthy. To help people in this endeavor, they have created a line of convenient products that make doing low-carb easier than it has ever been before. This includes a month's worth of entire low-carb meals for a family down to a delicious low-carb cheesecake made without sugar or flour.

The expectation of this company is that they will have a strong customer base for many years to come. And the fact that they are undertaking this business venture flies in the face of low-carb opponents who believe the so-called "low-carb craze" which they describe as a "fad" is over. Not hardly!

These new low-carb cheesecake has already become a big hit in some test marketing conducted at Richards, a local restaurant chain in Indiana. Reorders are already coming in and are expected to be swift as people continue to clamor for this sugar-free, 4-carb delicacy that comes in strawberry, blueberry, apricot, New York or chocolate-peanut butter flavors.

The people involved in this business venture has seen success doing Atkins and controlling their carbs and sugar intake. They are excited to market their products throughout Indiana and to people who are diabetic.

Here's a great quote from the story: "Our goal is to make food options more fun, more tasteful, and to make low-carb a way of living, because diets are known to just end," said one of the owners. "A way of living is a continuation of everything."

What a beautiful way to describe low-carb. For those of us who have done it to lose weight, we are staying on it to keep it off. There is no "diet" to get off of.

My only hope is that more stores like this will pop up all over the United States and offer low-carbers more options than the lame attempts at low-carb foods offered in our grocery stores that are not low enough in carbs nor do they taste good enough to sell as dog food! That segment of low-carb may be dying, but the great-tasting foods like the ones sold by this new business are alive and thriving!

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