Thursday, May 26, 2005

Increased Sales In Carb-Loaded Foods Doesn't Mean Low-Carb Is Over

This story out of Canada claims that sales of foods that are loaded with carbohydrates have been on the rise and concludes that the low-carb diet phenomenon is officially over. Yeah, so what else is new?

Statistics Canada found that sales of pasta, baked goods and cereal have increased over the past year despite the enormous popularity of Atkins and other low-carb programs.

Why does an increase in sales of foods that are loaded with carbohydrates an indication that low-carb diets are finished? Could it be that the people who AREN'T on a low-carb lifestyle are rebelling against this and eating more? Is this REALLY a good thing when you think about all the people who are going to be getting even fatter and fatter from overconsuming on excessive carbs?

The story added that these new statistics fly in the face of those who claim the low-carb diets have resulted in a lack of sales in carb-filled foods.

And they couldn't resist reporting that beef consumption fell by 4 percent in 2004. Nevermind the fact that mad-cow disease was found in Canadian cattle in Alberta in 2002! That surely wouldn't have had anything to do with it, would it?! Plus the price of beef have risen and likely drove low-carbers in Canada to start eating more chicken, pork and turkey instead.

In fact, pork and poultry consumption were up in 2004, according to Statscan.

What do these statistics mean? Probably not very much. The media's obsession with somehow creating a correlation between sales of foods with carbohydrates and the Atkins diet is just plain silly.

With at least 85 percent of people NOT doing a low-carb diet, it stands to reason that they could be buying and consuming more than they have in the past. Furthermore, some people who used to be on a low-carb diet and didn't do it right may be protesting against it by eating a lot of those foods they felt they were being deprived of when they were doing low-carb. But that doesn't mean low-carb is any less effective.

What it does mean is sometime, in the next year or two, when all of these people who are stuffing their faces with carbs balloon up to become grossly overweight and obese, they'll be running back to the low-carb lifestyle to rescue them from their bondage to food. It's a shame it will have to come to this, but such is life when you are trapped in the confusing world of weight nexus. Free yourself and start livin' la vida low-carb today or there may not be a tomorrow!


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