Monday, May 23, 2005

It's Time For The Whole World To Know The Truth About Low-Carb

Miracles never cease! We actually have a positive story about low-carb to share with you today from the Ventura County Star in Ventura, California (no, it's not the Los Angeles Times, but it's certainly a start!).

Kudos to staff columnist David Nankivell who penned this excellent piece today entitled "Low-carb diet helps in the long run" and it's one you will want to post on your refrigerator door to look at often.

Sharing his own thoughts about the low-carb lifestyle, Nankivell said he has seen an incredible improvement in his diabetes because of the blood pressure-lowering effects of doing the Atkins diet. Can you believe it?! Somebody actually wrote that in a published newspaper! But he didn't stop there.

Check out what else he said:

Some studies show that the low-carbohydrate diet really does melt away those extra pounds ... The heart and the liver say thank you ... controlling the carbohydrates becomes a cinch.

Unbelieveable! Where have this guy been? We need his voice to shine the light of truth that livin' la vida low-carb is the way to go to both lose weight and regain your health.

Explaining that he cut out bread, cereal and chips and limited himself on baked potatoes and the occasional pieces of chocolate candy, Nankivell said he increased the frequency of his eating to six times a day so he'd never get hungry.

This is very good advice that I give people all the time regarding doing low-carb. Don't even let yourself get hungry. If you even begin to feel a hunger pang coming on, then eat something (low-carb, of course!) so you don't become ravenous and get tempted to indulge on something you shouldn't. It's a lesson you need to learn if you're gonna do the low-carb lifstyle and be successful at it.

You wanna know what's funny? Nankivell didn't even step on a scale during his weight loss, but knew he was losing weight when his "fat boy" clothes didn't fit anymore because they were "too big."

While I weighed myself often and still do (because it is incredibly motivating to me!), I too noticed my "fat boy" clothes had gotten way too big for me. When I started out my low-carb lifestyle, I was wearing size 62 pants in the waist. Those were some mamma jamma humungous pants! In fact, I still keep ONE pair of those pants to remind me of where I NEVER want to be again. I'll even slip them on from time to time just to realize how far I have come.

Now I wear size 40 pants in the waist and continually count my blessings every single day for overcoming my weight problem thanks to low-carb (actually, my waist size would be in the 30's if I could ever get the "tummy tuck" I need -- sigh, someday).

Nankivell said he strongly believes the Atkins diet has taken away his "risk of complications to my heart, kidneys and even my eyes."

And, as I'm sure many of you can relate as can I, he enjoys the little things he can do now that he doesn't carry around as much weight that he couldn't do when he was bigger.

"The surprises continue, such as the ability to raise myself from a padded chair with little effort."

He also acknowledges that his HDL "good cholesterol" has seen a big increase since he started livin' la vida low-carb. Mine has gone from around 30 before I started Atkins and it's now up to 73. While it makes my total cholesterol higher than some people, I just don't care because it's the "good cholesterol" that's predominant in me now! Celebrate these successes as a triumph over obesity and failing health.

Nankivell admits low-carb is "not a quick fix," but rather a deliberate, yet highly effective way to better health.

If you feel motivated, start slowly, and don't throw away those smaller-size pants and dresses. Who knows, I might even be able to fit into my old Army uniform. Good luck!

Here's to many happy years of livin' la vida low-carb, my friend. You are an inspiration to all of us low-carbers who have chosen this lifestyle for ourselves.

Hey, here's an idea for you today:

How about congratulating David Nankivell on his success doing the Atkins diet by leaving him a voicemail today at 805-520-7050 or you can reach him by fax at 805-526-0479?

We need more firsthand accounts like this one of the TRUTH about livin' la vida low-carb to be spread throughout the media. As I noted last week, many of the journalists KNOW that low-carb works because they have either done it for themselves or know people who have been successful. Read the responses I got back from this journalist and this one about their incredible success doing low-carb.

And yet for some reason even these journalists still felt compelled to write stories that both ridiculed and bashed low-carb as an unhealthy fad that nobody is doing anymore. What's it gonna take to change this kind of thinking and encourage more people to be like David Nankivell and stop hiding behind excuses for once and start telling people that low-carb works?!

There are literally tens of millions of us low-carbers in the United States of America and we must stand together united to tell the whole world what low-carb has done for us! Are you with me?


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