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'Low Carb Fast Food Diet' Sounds Like A Fad, Works Like A Charm

"The Low-Carb Fast Food Diet" ... no, that's not a misprint!

What if somebody told you it was possible to eat fast food all the time, at every meal, and never eat at home again. And, oh by the way, you'll also lose lots and lots of weight, too. You might think they just fell off the looney wagon, right?

Well, call her what you want, but that's exactly what Carla Gray is advocating in her book entitled the Low-Carb Fast Food Diet. Fast food and diet don't usually go hand in hand, but Gray provides her readers with invaluable information that will help them make the right choices when they decide to pick up food from their local fast food drive-thru.

Gray makes it clear she is not telling people to eat fast food. But she realizes it is an inevitable a part of so many of our lives. Because of that, she wanted to arm people with the facts about the foods they were shoving in their mouths from all the popular fast food places and help them make the healthy choices to stay on their low-carb or low-calorie lifestyles.

Expressing her opinion that the low-carb lifestyle is the best way for people to lose weight and improve their health, Gray says people who are livin' la vida low-carb are allowed to eat more calories, have greater fat burning ability, don't get as hungry, aren't concerned with controlling their portions, get to eat delicious foods, and enjoy one of the easiest weight loss plans there is!

She provides an excellent overview of what low-carb is in clear, simple language for those who have been living under a rock and don't know how it works. She gets you to look at the way you eat and evaluate why you eat the way you do and notes either you control your carbs or your carbs will control you. By eliminating all high-carb foods from your diet, Gray says you can replace them with "delicious and filling alternatives from your favorite fast food restaurants." She provides a variety of tips about how you need to order your food and what to avoid at each of the major fast food restaurants.

When it comes to eating at a fast food restaurant and staying on your low-carb plan, Gray says you have to know what you can order before you go the fast food restaurants. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn't always have to be a salad, which ironically is sometimes higher in carbs than a hamburger with the bun! She warns people in her book about "hidden carbs" in foods that may sound like they are healthy, but they are not. And, by all means, if you are going to do the "Low Carb Fast Food Diet," don't feel guilty about doing it! Gray gives you all the tools you need to feel confident about the healthy low-carb choices you can make.

In fact, Gray challenges you to test this diet for yourself by getting a physical check-up before you start and consult with your physician. She is sure you will see significant improvements in your cholesterol, your blood pressure and, of course, your weight! To help you realize what your carb intake is like prior to beginning her diet, Gray suggests you keep a food diary for about a week to tally how many carbs you consume right now. The number will likely surprise you!

Promising this will be the best-tasting, most satisfying way to lose weight you've ever done, Gray encourages her readers to "toss the bread, ditch the rice and throw away the chips" and to just "forget you know the word sugar." The more I read, the more I think I like this woman! The multitude of choices you have at your disposal will make it impossible to find this way of eating boring.

About halfway through the book, Gray gives you a test. No, you don't have to study for it, but you may learn a lot more about the carb content of foods you can order at fast food restaurants than you expected. It is sure to make you yell "holy cow" when you find out the answers! Make sure you check out the total carbs in a Tender Crisp Chicken Sandwich and Large Fries at Burger King! Yikes!

The key to being successful on the "Low-Carb Fast Food Diet", Gray proclaims, is to alter your thinking about food and losing weight. Gray says you must embrace this lifestyle and everything it has to offer if you want to be successful at it. Believe it or not, that even means you can have pizza, too! WOO HOO!

Although it was a bit odd in a book predominantly about low-carb eating, Gray does include an obligatory chapter on calories for people who have chosen to do that weight loss method over low-carb. Interestingly, many of the fast foods you can have on low-calorie diets are forbidden if you are doing low-carb. Hopefully people won't make the mistake of getting one of the low-calorie foods thinking it will help them on their low-carb plan. But Gray makes it abundantly clear in her book that this one particular section is JUST for people on low-calorie diets.

The entire second half of the book is Pocket Carb Chart created by Gray for people to take with them when they visit a fast food restaurant. It shows the various entrees, portion size, total carbs, calories, fiber, cholesterol, fat and sodium content of the foods you can order. She even makes a handy pocket-sized version of the chart you can order separately from the book. Gray encourages her readers to visit her web site at to find the most up-to-date information about fast food offerings.

Be sure to order the "Low-Carb Fast Food Diet" today!


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We are currently doing a 30-day fast food diet to see how healthy we can eat at fast food establishments. We'd love to hear your insight on fast food based on your dieting experience and low-carb research!

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