Sunday, May 22, 2005

Spurlock Strikes Again With 'Supersize Me'-Styled Book

Morgan Spurlock leading the debate against fast food..AGAIN!

The infamous Morgan Spurlock. You remember him, don't you? He's that, uh, ah...I mean man who decided to make an independent documentary called Supersize Me where he embarked on a month-long journey to see what would happen if all he ate for 30 days in a row for every meal was food from McDonald's. After watching weight rise and his health decline, I think he made his point loud and clear.

The movie had an extremely good run at the box office in a very limited theater release last year and garnered Spurlock an Academy Award nomination as well as high praise from people who want to do something about the obesity problem in the United States. Carla Gray's book notwithstanding, we could all stand to skip a few meals at the Golden Arches and this DVD will certainly do the trick!

If you are a carb addict and think there's no way you'd ever stop eating anything at McDonald's, then just watch this movie once and I guarantee it will break you of that habit real quick! But Spurlock wasn't content to rest on his laurels and simply bask in the glory of his box-office success.

Oh no! Now he's written a book! Uh-oh!

It's called Don't Eat This Book and released to the public late last week.

For fans of his movie, Spurlock includes a lot of the same jovial flair in his 308-page book regarding the state of health in America and around the world. Subtitled "Fast Food and the Supersizing of America," he continues to make a direct link between groups such as the American Dietetic Association with fast food industry bigwigs. He makes a compelling argument that they are only looking out for their own best interests and not for the health and well-being of people.

Noting that 1.3 billion people worldwide are either overweight or obese, Spurlock writes in his book that this epidemic is "making the world safe for diabetes."

If you are livin' la vida low-carb, then you have to appreciate Spurlock's voice in this debate over health and weight issues. He's shining a light on a problem we are so astutely aware -- we are eating way too much food and it's usually in the form of loads and loads of carbohydrates in the excessive amount of bread, french fries, milkshakes, sodas and sugar-loaded desserts. Low-carbers should applaud Spurlock for encouraging Americans to make better lifestyle choices regarding the foods they eat, the amount of exercise they get and healthy living in general.

Be sure to check out his web site for reviews and even a blog from Spurlock, where he reveals he recently finished working on an upcoming reality television show on FX called "30 Days."

And he's still not without controversy, as evidenced by the lastest $40 million lawsuit lodged against him last week by a company who claims they were promised one-fourth of the film's profits. Am I missing something here? Since "Supersize Me" grossed less than $30 million, how can this company expect to get $10 million more than that? Me thinks it is THEY who are out for the money, not Spurlock.


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