Thursday, June 02, 2005

Atkins Success Story Launches Low-Carb Support Club

I recently told you about a 300-pound Atkins weight loss champion named John Smith who decided he wanted to share about his weight loss experience with others.

I then got this standardized follow-up e-mail from him a few days after writing to congratulate him on his weight loss success and some of my low-carb friends forwarded an e-mail Smith sent to a select few of them about starting a paid support club for people livin' la vida low-carb.

It appears he's going to start that new club at $12.50 a month (that's a little more than $150 a year) for people interested in his advice, encouragement and low-carb wisdom. I'm proud of what he has been able to accomplish because I KNOW how hard it is to achieve weight loss. I wish him well in his new endeavor and sincerely hope he can inspire others to do the same for themselves.

That's what I do (FOR FREE, by the way!) here at this blog. I still think Smith would do better if he started his own blog, but he's choosing his way and I chose mine. Nevertheless, our goals are the same -- to encourage and educate people about the low-carb lifestyle.

Here's his latest e-mail which includes a mea culpa of sorts:

Good Day,

Before we get down to the current situation ... I would like to respond to:

Many, many concerned people have responded to me in a very positive manner. For that I am deeply honored. You have all boosted me morally 10 fold. For those who have been offended for one reason or another, mostly because I sent out 25 or more random e-mails and you thought I was either rude or ignoring you, then you are dead wrong.

We all perhaps have or have had a similar situation. I am no expert at this. I will learn and approach the future with much more respect, the reason is because each and everyone of you deserve it. I apologize over and over, please forgive me, it was never or will it ever be my intent to write or say anything to offend. So once again, please accept my humble apology.

Now On We Go

To each person who was so kind enough to respond to me. My name is John W. Smith, and the name is real. I recently aired on T.V. losing 300 pounds and then some. Since then I have received an unbelievable amount of phone calls and e-mails and letters. I am very much stunned with your out pouring of sympathy and desire with numerous questions concerning everything from how, why, and sir can you suggest a way for me. For all of you who called me I am honored and thank you. Since then I have pondered on the subject and tossed ideas over and over. I sincerely thought of starting something and discussed it with my wife and family. Literally the conversation caused an outrageous argument. However, that's over. Deciding at random to e-mail 25 people who had responded to tell them my plan and let them decide. The decision was overwhelming, 25-0 in favor of.

Here is my thought: I am a very honest and basically a humble person. I feel the extreme need to give back to each and everyone with a concern or anyone you know that needs help. So I have decided to form a club called F.I.G. (Food Is Gone) with a motto of "No more use of, I have a weight problem, instead I have a situation that will be resolved."

In this club I would like to offer 24 hour personal attention through the internet, mail, cell phone, and personal phone. Also, letters of intent to boost moral support and sample menus on a regular basis of how I controlled this pain of refrigeratoritis, we all know what that is. In addition a membership card and number. I will also provide contests in many ways to encourage your continued support. There are so many things that will be done to aid in each and in every persons ability to end this horrible habit and personal downfall of up and down with weight. The crying, embarrassment, doing without, expensive clothes and limited at that, afraid to go certain places, and so many other things - we as a family only know how to stop. Our lives, children's lives and the lives of many others demands it. Everyday of our lives we face the same thing over and over. Someone comes up with a new bogus idea and big money is spent. Then 2 days or less it starts over.

To make a long story short, I am a poor person, but very down to Earth, honest, and I think I care enough and have hands on experience to help and it will never be anything less. If you care to take a chance with me. I am charging $12.50 per month to join and sincerely this will be cover the tremendous expense it costs to do so. Nothing more needs to be said and I am very sorry if this makes you mad. I really do care, in the near future you will continue to see me on T.V., magazines and newspapers as they follow my story.

Please, I urge you to take a chance and join The FIG Group, it will be a breath of fresh air. Please reply, even if you do not agree, I can take negative response also.

Love and Good Luck,
John Smith

If you care to join let me know. I will contact you quickly. For your friends that do not have computers my address is:

John Smith
P.O. Box 1609
Granite City, IL 62040

Payment can be made by check, money order or Pay-Pal. No Cash Please.

P.S. No such thing as a weight problem ... however, a situation that will be resolved.

Positive Rules

Need to know:
If anyone contacted me just to express your very genuine concern and nothing more, I from my heart thank you. Each and everyone of you has touched my heart and gave me more encouragement I need. For that I am forever grateful.

If you have any questions for John Smith about his F.I.G. Club, then drop him an e-mail. Best of luck to you Smitty!


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