Thursday, June 23, 2005

Krispy Kreme In Trouble Because Of Low-Carb?

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. has decided to axe six company executives because of the lack of sales of the worst possible food you could eat on low-carb. Inside shenanigans at the doughnut giant are currently under investigation and the future prospects of a once thriving American business are now in question.

Additionally, this Bloomberg news story notes that sugar production is expected to drop from 19.7 million tons annually to just 12 million tons by 2012, a 40 percent drop over the next seven years.

What's going on here? The once-heralded doughnut and sugar companies have seen the handwriting on the wall as the demand for their products has diminished. As more and more people are become conscious of the sugar they are putting in their mouths as a result of following and succeeding on a low-carb lifestyle, the ripple effect it is having on companies whose products are packed with sugar are beginning to feel the squeeze.

All I can say is, WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME! While people who are low-carbing it are clamoring for alternatives that they can eat, most have probably resigned to the fact that is not going to happen until major changes in thinking regarding sugar are made at these companies. Maybe they need to be shaken by the loss of sales so they will begin to take people who are livin' la vida low-carb more seriously. If we were any other segment of the population they would be falling all over themselves to provide products that we want and enjoy rather than this garbage they call low-carb (11 g of carbs for one brownie is NOT low-carb!). Will they ever get it?

As for sugar, I wrote about how harmful it is to your weight loss and health goals in this article. I have said it until I'm blue in the face, but I'll keep on saying it. Studies need to be conducted on the negative effect sugar is having on our health and well-being. Obesity will not be tackled unless all the facts are on the table.

Do we need to see a total meltdown of all the sugar-dependent companies like Krispy Kreme before we realize what a menace sugar really is? This is going to upset a lot of corporate executives at junk food companies, but they need to wake up to the reality that their products are driving the obesity numbers so much higher and higher that it is now being predicted that we will have a 100 percent obesity rate by 2058.

Stop making excuses and start realizing the time is NOW to look at how sugar is destroying us from the inside out!


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