Friday, June 03, 2005

My Oh-So-Awesome Favorite New Dessert

I've got an oh-so-awesome favorite new dessert and it's still low-carb!

It includes the topic of this story about a new Breyers brand of ice cream called CarbSmart.

The Light Vanilla Fudge Sundae version was on sale at my local Publix store last night, so I decided to pick up a couple of them. With half the fat, 40 percent fewer calories and only 4 net carbs per serving, Breyers is hoping this product will meet the needs of a variety of dieting consumers.

As someone who is livin' la vida low-carb, I couldn't care less about the fat and calories because it's the carbs I am watching. That's about the threshold I will allow with a low-carb ice cream. But I do not get the ZERO carb version of ice cream anymore (EWWWW, that stuff is just plain nasty!).

The Breyers CarbSmart brand has been an excellent seller and continues to have an impact on the ice cream industry as people look for sugar-free alternatives to satisfy their sweet tooth.

This new flavor has vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate-covered peanuts mixed in with a fudge swirl. It's actually VERY good, but I like to doctor it up for myself.

Here is my newest creation:

- Put two scoops of Breyers Light Vanilla Fudge Sundae CarbSmart Ice Cream into a bowl
- Spread a tablespoon of sugar-free raspberry preserves on top of the ice cream
- Sprinkle about 30 fresh blueberries on top of the preserves
- Scoop a tablespoon of low-carb peanut butter in the center of the bowl
- Squeeze a tablespoon of sugar-free maple syrup on top of the peanut butter

OH MY GOSH, for less than 10 net carbs, this stuff is so incredibly wonderful! You could probably get away with melting a Z-Carb bar and pouring it on top along with some whipped cream without adding any additional carbs. Ooooooooh! Betcha just wanna go out to the grocery store right now and make this for yourself, don't you? Go ahead. I'll be waiting right here for you when you come back to thank me. :-)

Leave me a comment if you try it and like it as much as I did. I swear it'll make you slap your momma silly ... twice! LOL! ENJOY!


Blogger duncan_m said...

How about just dumping all these horribly processed, chemical laden, artifically sweetened, dumbed down junky products and buy some fresh berries for dessert.

Think of all the health giving antioxidants, vitamins, micro-nutrients and phyto-chemicals you'll be gifting to your body. All to often when we try to improve out diet we vainly try to match the taste, color, quantity, consistency and sweetness of the crap we used to eat before by replacing them with frankenstein like foods containing god only knows how many disease inducing chemicals.


6/04/2005 4:44 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Hey Duncan M.! Thanks for posting at my blog today. But I do eat fresh berries and foods in my low-carb lifestyle. But I believe you can enjoy SOME of these low-carb foods from time to time to tickle your tastebuds if you so choose. They haven't harmed me one bit and I thoroughly enjoy using them when the urge to have them hits. I appreciate that you like rigidity in your diet, but I don't. I'm sure most others don't either. THANKS again for commenting!

6/04/2005 5:19 PM  
Blogger robert said...

French toast? Ice cream (2 scoops, no less)? You still haven't kicked your sweet tooth cravings. Your delusion that it's only the carbs, the calories don't matter, is soon to be shattered. I fear the rip cord on the Jimmy Moore life raft is about to be pulled. Pssssssttttpp! Hope you kept your old clothes.

Atkins and other such diets work by having complex rules that trick you into thinking you aren't limiting calories, but in fact you are limiting them just because complying with the various rules makes eating a lot of food a hassle. Typically, devotees of such diets over time figure out how to "game" the diets, technically staying within the rules but eating more and more. (Food manufacturers who figure out new food "technology" that games the diet help here.) Now that you're discovering all kinds of desserts that let you scarf out without breaking the Atkins rules, your weight will start to balloon.

6/05/2005 11:43 PM  

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