Sunday, June 12, 2005

Web Sites & Blogs Promoting 'Freebie Friday Frenzy'

Since launching my new giveaway contest called "Freebie Friday Frenzy" last Friday, several blogs and web sites have been actively promoting it to their readers. Thank you so much! The response has been incredible so far and I expect it to continue.

I would like to recognize just a few of these friends of "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

  • The Diet King Blog

  • Our buddy Adam Wilk, who recently wrote an excellent book called Diet King which I wrote a book review about at this blog, blogged about FFF on his blog on Saturday with his usual ascerbic wit and creative writing that he has now become infamous for. Thanks Diet King!


    "Tut" over at talked about FFF in this blog entry on Saturday. I told you about recently and he was kind enough to talk about us, too. I appreciate their help with promoting my new contest.

  • Kalyn's Kitchen Blog

    Kalyn, the low-carb cooking recipe goddess at Kalyn's Kitchen who I blogged about in this forum already, posted this blog entry about FFF on Sunday. She makes some very kind comments about me and my blog and I am grateful for her hospitality.

  • The Diabetes Blog

    Paul Chaney over at The Diabetes Blog (read my blog entry about the great work he does there) posted this blog article about FFF on Saturday. He accurately noted that the GoLower bars we are giving away are very low in sugar and good for diabetics. Kudos, Paul!


    Allen at informed his readers about the FFF contest on Saturday in this post. You da man, Allen!

    If you posted an article or blog entry about FFF and would like to tell me about it, then please send me the URL of your comments and I will blog about you, too!

    As for the FFF contest itself, momentum is building for our FIRST DRAWING coming this Friday. I am so excited for whoever gets to win the great-tasting GoLower Nut Bars because they are absolutely fantastic.

    I heard it from a little birdie that a U.S. distribution deal is very close, so everyone will soon be able to enjoy these wonderful low-carb products. Keep telling your friends and family about FFF and encourage them to enter.

    Click here for full contest details. GOOD LUCK!

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