Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Amazon Lists Dr. Atkins Among Their 'Hall Of Fame' Authors

Popular online merchant recently celebrated their 10th anniversary on the Internet and decided to compile a list of the bestselling authors over the years to be included in their "Hall of Fame."

At the top of the list is J.K. Rowling, author of the wildly popular Harry Potter books. I just read that new one sold something like 7 million copies in the first day, or 250,000 books an hour! I'd just be happy to sell 25 THOUSAND of my upcoming book and consider it a HUGE success. Rowling is definitely the queen of her domain right now and can write just about whatever she wants. These Potter fans are wild. Amazon even sold more than 2 million copies of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince before it released last Saturday.

Several other noted authors, including Dr. Seuss at #5, John Grisham at #6, and Stephen King at #7 are very well-known writers and have made their mark in publishing history. The Left Behind series authors Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins landed at #9 and daytime television talk show and advice guru Phil McGraw came in at #11.

Guess who slipped in under the radar as the bestselling health author in's decade of existence? It's none of than the patriarch of livin' la vida low-carb himself, Dr. Robert C. Atkins. I'm not surprised, but look at how they describe Dr. Atkins in their little blurb about who he is:

"Creator of the famous 'Atkins Diet,' which shuns carbohydrates in favor of meat-laden protein."

Even when he's being recognized for achieving great success, these people still don't get it right about what Dr. Atkins promoted in his books. Maybe somebody should have actually READ one of those millions of books that sold because they would know Dr. Atkins never promoted anything that "shuns carbohydrates in favor of meat-laden protein." That is the editorial comment of the person who wrote this story and is so far from the truth it is simply ludicrous.

To add insult to injury regarding the description of what the Atkins lifestyle is about, the comment made about the #24 author on the list, Arthur Agatston, is equally repulsive:

"Created the 'South Beach Diet,' which unlike the Atkins program says carbs can be good."

While I have no qualms with The South Beach Diet, the insinuation that it is somehow better than Atkins because it believe carbs are good is just absurd. The Atkins diet also advocates eating carbs, but in a controlled manner. The open disdain for the Atkins approach is mindboggling to me. What did he ever do to them to deserve such disrespect?

Regardless of how people viewed Dr. Atkins and his books, his impact on society and history cannot be diminished. My life was changed dramatically as a result of reading Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution. I will never have to live with the burden of obesity and the related healthy problems that go with it ever again because this man had the vision to create a weight loss and weight maintenance program that really works.

Others may mock him now because he does not fit into their mold of significant people, but someday soon Dr. Atkins will get his due as more and more people like me prove he was right all the time.

Kudos to for honoring a true giant in the realm of health and nutrition.

One final note: Isn't it funny that of the top 25 authors on this list, the only health and nutrition authors that made it are the creators of low-carb lifestyles? I guess Dr. Atkins gets the last laugh after all!


Blogger Newbirth said...

Your mention of South Beach reminded me that in leu of not being able to get an Atkins day-at-a-time calendar this year, I order the South Beach calendar from Amazon. I also had someone give me a Dr. Phil day-at-a-time calendar last summer and found it had lots of good (if basic) advice about losing weight and keeping it off.

1/01/2006 5:26 PM  

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