Saturday, July 09, 2005

Battle Lines Are Drawn In The Debate Over Sugar

As I expected, this debate over the safety and effectiveness of Splenda for people who are trying to break their sugar addiction has stirred up a lot of attention from those who are working behind-the-scenes to bring about the end of this wonderful product while attempting to get more people to eat more sugar.

One such person is Dr. Betty Martini who is the founder of the Duluth, Georgia-based Mission Possible International. She has been very active in her crusade against artificial sweeteners for the past couple of decades, especially aspartame or Nutrasweet. It appears her attention has now shifted to Splenda.

Here's the response I received from Dr. Martini regarding my blog post on Friday:

You should have listened to Dr. Fischer. Read this report and its (sic) but one of many from other physicians who have checked the research.

All my best,
Dr. Betty Martini

Dr. Martini then lists web sites and articles regarding the danger of Splenda. I will not bore you with the lengthy details of the articles she sent because they are all readily available by doing a Google search. Let's just say people like Dr. Martini have their reasons for opposing Splenda just as those of us who support it have our reasons for doing so.

I wrote back to Dr. Martini regarding her concerns and basically told her that I appreciated her e-mail, but the evidence was just too inconclusive at this point to dismiss Splenda so readily. I told her it was a lot better for me than eating sugar, which, by the way, is the primary funding agent for the "Truth About Splenda" web site as my reader Lilly so graciously pointed out to me.

Check it out for yourself at the bottom of their web site, but here is the disclaimer:

This website is part of an effort to educate consumers about the chemical artificial sweetener Splenda and is provided by The Sugar Association, which represents sugar beet and sugar cane farmers across America.

Well, well, well, now we're getting somewhere in the debate over Splenda. It looks like the sugar industry is starting to feel the sting of the success of low-carb that they are fighting back with an all-out smear campaign against its largest artificial sweetener competitor -- Splenda! Could it be the sugar industry is seeing the handwriting on the wall regarding its role in the obesity epidemic and is doing whatever it has to do to survive? Hmmmm.

This fight is not going away anytime soon and we will be here to provide you with the information to combat the lunacy that comes from those who oppose Splenda, and ultimately, oppose the low-carb lifestyle.


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