Friday, July 15, 2005

'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb' Lighting Up The Blogosphere

Here are just a few places where "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" has been mentioned recently:


The very popular blog watcher called The Slate, which is a subsidary of The Washington Post and Newsweek, did a recap of all the opinions floating out there in the blogsphere regarding the soda warning label news story yesterday. Quoting from my blog entry about that subject from Thursday, The Slate wrote this about my blog as well as citing a friend of this blog in their comments, too:

"Livin' La Vida Low-Carb's Jimmy Moore, who lost 180 pounds last year, is ambivalent: While 'the government should not be stepping in and dictating placing warning labels on products such as sugar,' he writes, 'I do think more education about sugar's harmful effects should be distributed to the general public.'"

"With the minority opinion is Diet King's Adam Wilk: 'I find it amusing, that these jackals who oppose this idea, the ones who manufacture this stuff, are the same ones who walk around pissed off at the so-called burden overweight people allegedly put on our health care system.'"

Congratulations, Adam! If you are still looking for a great summertime book to read and like hilarious, rip-roaring, gut-wrenching writing, then you have got to pick up a copy of Diet King. I reviewed it a couple of months ago and could not recommend it more for people who struggle with their weight. It may provide you with enough comic relief to get through your weight loss!


I was pleasantly surprised to notice when I added the new feature that shows me other web sites and blogs that send traffic to my blog that I was featured at a blog called "Lead The Way." This blog is run by 30-year-old Jeremy Likness who has radically transformed his body into a Hercules-like physique. WOW! Check it out!

From fat to phat just like that!

In all, Jeremy lost over 65 pounds and his wife even lost 40 pounds, too. He is now (get this!) a certified FITNESS TRAINER and a specialist in performance nutrition to help others get healthy and into shape. He left his lucrative job as a member of corporate America just to do this worthwhile endeavor.

Here is what Jeremy wrote about my blog on Thursday:

"In the spirit of cross-blogging, I encourage you to check out this gem which appears to contain some insightful links, news updates, and other revelations. I enjoyed reading it, and am sure you would too."

THANK YOU, Jeremy! Your story inspires me to keep going with my weight lifting schedule, although I will probably need an abdominoplasty before I'll be able to have six-pack abs like yours!

You can write to Jeremy at


Finally, the health and weight loss Diet Blog did a story about the ongoing debate between the Sugar Association and their aggressive campaign to remove Splenda and other sugar substitutes off the market. As you know, I've been hammering this subject pretty hard this week and one of my blog entries was featured in this article. Here's the part that has the link to my blog:

"As more artificial sweeteners appear on the market, things only get more bewildering for the consumer. Then there is the childish bickering between various players in the industry (see this blow-by-blow timeline of the fight between the Sugar Association and Splenda - thanks Lillian).

There you have it for this Friday! If you blog about my site or if you notice somebody blogging about us, then let me know so we can feature them here, too! We bloggers have to stick together, you know. :-)

By the way, I am in the final proofreading stages of my book and I am currently on Chapter 7 out of 10. Once Chapter 10 is read and completed, I will be sending my finished book to the publisher who will likely hack away at it again. That's okay because I know the final version of the book will be the best it can be. I am so thrilled to get this book into people's hands, but this process takes some time. YOU will be the first to know when it will be available at and Barnes & Noble. Thank you to everyone who has asked me about it.

I also got an interesting e-mail from someone yesterday asking me about more before and after pictures. This guy must have read my mind because I have been in the process of getting more posted over the past couple of weeks. I had a lot of before, but very few after. I bought a disposable camera and took some for my book and blog this week and hope to have these posted here before I leave on my vacation next Thursday. I'm going to visit my father in Tennessee for a week for the first time in 2 1/2 years. My family there has not seen me since I lost 180 pounds. Boy are they in for a shock! LOL!

Feel free to contact me anytime with comments, suggestions, compliments or complaints at I answer EVERY e-mail as quickly as I can.


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Thanks for the heads up! I had no idea we were mentioned! I have to find a way to track blog mentions--I'm lost here!
And thanks again for plugging 'Diet King'. I appreciate everything you do.

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