Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Powerade Option Targets Low-Carb Athletes

POWERade OPTION, the world's first low-carb sports drink

After making some good and some not-so-good decisions this year regarding new drink options for people who are livin' la vida low-carb, the Coca-Cola Company will officially launch the world's first low-carb sports drink in a product called POWERade OPTION later this week.

Apparently Coca-Cola believes the low-carb industry is still alive and well enough to create an entirely new diet product for the sugar-conscious consumer. Fortified with the same electrlytes and B-complex vitamins as a regular POWERade drink, this new version is sweetened with a great-tasting blend of Splenda, Ace-K and some high fructose corn syrup. Because of the latter ingredient, this sports drink contains 2 grams of carbohydrates per 8 fluid ounce serving.

The three flavors available in POWERade OPTION will include strawberry, black cherry and lemon.

Mary Herrera, director of Marketing for Sports & Energy Drinks at Coca-Cola North America stated: "We expect POWERade OPTION to attract new consumers and increase consumption occasions for current sports drink users. Consumer interest in healthier, active lifestyles presents a significant opportunity for a low-calorie [and low-carb] sports drink specifically designed to replenish and hydrate the body."

As someone who works out vigorously on a daily basis, I welcome this new product to the marketplace. My workouts are usually very draining physically, so I am very interested in any product that can help me replenish those lost nutrients I burned during both cardiovascular and weight training exercises. Water is nice, but I've been wanting a sports drink to come along that didn't have all that sugar in it.

It's finally arrived in the form of POWERade OPTION! WOO HOO!

Coca-Cola is hoping this product will compete with the successful Gatorade and Propel Fitness Water brands. Mass distribution of POWERade OPTION to supermarkets, retail outlets, convenience stores and vending machines is already in transit. It will be available for purchase in the traditional 32-ounce bottles as well as a new 20-ounce single bottle which will also be available in six-packs. The price will be comparable to other sports drinks on the market.

In several taste tests, this new POWERade OPTION beat out Propel Fitness Water for having a better flavor among consumers, especially the strawberry and black cherry.

Marketing for this product will include ads in health and fitness magazines and free sample distribution in selected areas.

This new product is good news for low-carb athletes. Let me know what you think about POWERade OPTION by leaving your comment about it here. Once I try it, I'll report back to you my reaction to it, too!


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