Monday, August 08, 2005

'Confused' Perfectly Describes Reader's Comments

As more and more people conduct Google searches for information about healthy eating and low-carb, undoubtedly they are coming across a few of my blog posts along the way.

I got the following response on Sunday from someone who aptly called himself "confused" in an anonymous comment about this blog post I wrote in May on the Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating program:

I find it ironic that you title your article 'Seattle Sutton Delivering Very Unhealthy High-Carb Meals' then go on in the article to take issue with the fact that the Seattle Sutton rep dissed low-carb dieting!

To me, it comes off as a petty squabble between two competitors and any concern for the well-being of the dieters kind of gets muddled in your quest to discredit the other party.

Maybe I'll just flip the old saying "put your money where your mouth is" -to- "put your mouth where the money is" and seeing Adkins is bankrupt, go with Seattle Sutton.

Uh, okay. I think "confused" is thoroughly confused about what I wrote. While I do disagree with Seattle Sutton's philosophy regarding "healthy eating," that was not my motive alone for writing the blog post that I did. I was concerned that people would view the menu that Seattle Sutton offers as the only way to eat healthy, which it is not.

Furthermore, to describe me as a "competitor" to Seattle Sutton is just silly because I am not a business trying to make money off of selling people foods described as "healthy." I am just a concerned citizen seeking to educate the public about the healthy benefits of livin' la vida low-carb. I very deeply care for the "well-being of the dieters" who seek information from this blog about the low-carb lifestyle, unlike Seattle Sutton which only cares about lining their pockets with cold hard cash on the lie that they are providing "healthy" meals.

You have every right to spend your money however you choose. But I felt like I needed to provide the information that I did in that post so that others could be forewarned that the meals served by Seattle Sutton may not be as "healthy" as they claim. As for the snide comment about "Adkins," at least spell his name right if you're going to criticize. Besides, I've already dealt with that subject in this post and it means absolutely nothing for those of us who have chosen the low-carb way of life.

I appreciate feedback anytime on my older posts as well as my new ones. But at least make sense if you're going to spout off your opinions about subjects that you have no clue what you are talking about. :-)


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