Friday, August 26, 2005

Fast Foodies Experiment Curious About Low-Carb

Two Chicago marketing professionals are in the midst of a self-imposed fast food diet for thirty days to help add their voice in the debate over the healthiness of fast food.

I guess we can blame Morgan Spurlock for starting all of this mania about fast food. I loved his movie, but I think we've got a monster on our hands now with people like Merab Morgan describing a low-calorie fast food diet a healthy way to eat and live.

But then I get this comment from the Fast Foodies (aka Heather & Shannon) at my blog on Thursday inquring about what I think about an all fast food diet:

"We are currently doing a 30-day fast food diet to see how healthy we can eat at fast food establishments. We'd love to hear your insight on fast food based on your dieting experience and low-carb research! Thanks!"

Ooooooookay. Let me just tell you my opinion of fast food up front. I hate them (or at least what they have become) and do not go to fast food restaurants too often although I used to visit 10-15 times a week before I started livin' la vida low-carb. I'm sure I could make virtually any meal that I wanted low-carb by throwing away the bun and ordering a salad. But what's the point? There are so many healthy and nutritious foods out there that are cheaper than fast food that I don't feel the need to get my fix from them anymore.

Of course my friend Carla Gray has a book called The Low-Carb Fast Food Diet and would certainly disagree that you should avoid fast food restaurants altogether. Get this book if you want an invaluable resource for eating low-carb at the most popular fast food restaurants.

I think this focus on fast food has been unnecessarily hyped up because of the lawsuits that state fast food makes people fat. No, bad choices about food make people fat and it is their own fault for shoving those "obesity-on-a-stick" French fries into their mouths like there is no tomorrow. My best advice is to make good food choices based on a sound program (might I recommend low-carb?) and the rest will fall into place.

And some people thought MY food choices were bad! Let's keep this in the proper perspective people. What do you think about fast food as part of a low-carb lifestyle?


Blogger Kalyn said...

One fast food choice that is really quite good and low carb is the low carb chicken salad at Rubios. It has lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, guacamole and cheese with a spicy Chipotle dressing. If you prefer, they will also substitute another kind of meat for the chicken. My favorite is the salad with the carnitas (roasted pork) substituted for the chicken. I don't know how many states have Rubios, but if you do, I recommend this.

Other than that, I have to agree with Jimmy that lots of the fast food options are nothing special.

8/28/2005 1:34 PM  

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