Monday, August 01, 2005

Frivolous Lawsuit Against Atkins To Continue

A lawsuit filed by a man who claims the Atkins diet caused him to have blocked arteries will continue on against Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. despite the news today that they are filing for bankruptcy.

Jody Gorran, who paid a visit to "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" a couple of months ago, announced in a press release on Monday that he and his radical PETA-loving organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) would proceed with the lawsuit and seek to have warning labels attached to all Atkins products.

Gorran first responded on my blog with comments about this post and has undoubtedly been following everything I write about the Atkins diet and livin' la vida low-carb since the inception of this blog in April.

Attempting to blame the Atkins diet for leading him to poor health, Gorran believes his strict adherence to the Atkins diet as outlined in the book by the late Dr. Robert Atkins caused him to develop heart disease. However, those of us who follow this eating lifestyle know that the Atkins diet it is a completely safe and effective way to lose weight and maintain that weight loss. Extensive research is currently underway to provide further evidence of this truth.

While this whole lawsuit is nothing more than a big publicity stunt by an organization with an anti-meat agenda, you certainly cannot discount the financial impact that this has had on Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. With an all-too-willing media hanging on every word coming from Gorran and PCRM, it's a minor miracle that ANYONE would continue to follow the Atkins diet after listening to them.

Thankfully, though, most of us realize just how utterly ridiculous the claims against the Atkins diet by Gorran really are as long-term low-carbers continue to be living examples of how this way of eating has permanently changed them physically. While people like Gorran get all the media's attention, people just like me and you are out there living our low-carb lifestyle as an example for others. People like Gorran may try to discourage you from continuing with your low-carb plan, but they will not prevail because we know that livin' la vida low-carb works!

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Blogger duncan_m said...

I, for one, won't be sorry to see the back of Atkins Nutritionals.. they have no more of a moral steed to ride than any other organisation peddling all manner of modified food products, low fat, low carb, high fibre, low salt, the list goes on.

They all do one thing.. they continue to pedal the myth that to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight effectively you need PRODUCTS.

Let me make this point. EVERYTHING you need can be found from one of the worlds oldest company Nature Nutritionals they have outlets in almost every large supermarket, their products can be found in the Fruit and Vegetable section, the Lean Meat Section, the Egg section, the Nut section and the Seafood section. Nature Nutrionals have the BEST products, some are high fat, some are low fat, some are high carb, some are low carb, some are high fibre, some are low fibre, some are sweet, some are bitter and some are sour. But provided you pick from all of the sections and eat LOTS from the Fruit and Vegetable section you'll be healthy, lean and well.

Dr Atkins had almost the right message, but the subsequent evolution of that message into a Product Marketing Machine, "Atkins Nutritionals" was a morally bankrupt path. If the man had just preached the UNPROCESSED gospel instead of trying to build an empire out of it my reaction to the demise of his company might have been a little more emotional.

Instead, I celebrate the passing of this company, the sooner it goes under and the other members of the global food machine follow it (fat chance) the better off we will all be.

So Jimmy, my friend.. I know its happening inside you.. how about letting go of your gushing admiration for the man.. how about starting to embrace the fact that the diet you were designed to eat can be, by chance, described as "low carb" and how about you stop stoking the marketing flames of the remaining low carb food vendors and start singing the praises of the products from Nature's Nutrionals?

You could rename the blog "Living La Vida Mother Nature". Your weekly prize giveaway could be a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable voucher instead of some sickly sweet processed snack bars full of weird chemicals and marketed by another of the ilk of Atkins Nutrionals, another of the band-wagon riding mad chemists who germinate their disgusting products in test tubes instead of in rich loamy soil.

Come on, lets put this fake misnomer of "low carb" to bed and acknowledge that the root cause of obesity is not carbs, fat, protein, or any combination of those.. its purely a result of the sheer volume of processed food we eat and the sheer laziness of our lives.

Its almost comical that we continue to proudly trumpet that tired old "low carb" tune and its positively ridiculous that we have "low fat" vs "low carb" arguments.

The one unassailable, undeniable FACT is that our health is always best when we eschew processed food and chemicals and eat what we were designed to eat AND we undertake physical activity to the degree that our hunter/gather ancestors would have.

Rest in Peace Atkins Nutritonals, you are almost dead and I wont miss you a bit.

8/02/2005 6:21 AM  
Blogger luvinatkins said...

Duncan_m, you are a true jackass. Get off your high horse(shit) about this natural foods only and everything else is crap mentality.

There are several ways to skin a cat and how absorbed are you to think that your way is the only way. Nobody wants to hear that, when they have just lost 20 lbs eating these "processed low carb foods" you are the true fake evangelist.

8/02/2005 2:50 PM  
Blogger Ronald said...

Nice trolling, duncan_m.

I wish one day the humanity realize the importance of meat in our diets and stop the meat haters (sugar junkies) in their tracks.

Reality: People don't need sugar to survive but need meat. It's a basic necessity.

8/02/2005 7:11 PM  
Blogger DietKing said...

I'm all for meat!;-)

8/02/2005 8:03 PM  

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