Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Felt Like A Rock Star Today...

with my picture being taken by Ollie the photographer from my local newspaper, The Spartanburg Herald-Journal. He took pictures of me eating and exercising this afternoon and I thought he'd never stop clicking that camera! LOL!

Seriously, it was pretty hilarious sitting at my desk with a photographer hovering over my cubicle at work with a camera taking a picture every time I took a bite. Also, my boss and the public relations person from my work were standing there looking at me eat, too. I'm sure it was about as exciting as watching paint dry! :-)

Then we headed over to the local YMCA in Spartanburg for Ollie to take another set of photos and I thought he would get just a few shots and be done in about five minutes. Nope. If there was an angle that Ollie missed of me on the elliptical machine, then I don't know what it was. Everybody at the gym was looking at me wondering why this man with a camera was taking so many pictures of me. Like I said, I felt like a rock star.

After speaking with Ollie, he said the article is TENTATIVELY scheduled to run next Wednesday, August 17, 2005. I am so happy for the opportunity and can't wait to see the final story.

Interestingly, as Ollie was taking about a thousand photos of me at the YMCA, I got a telephone message on my cell phone from another journalist at the Spartanburg Herald Journal who is doing a series called "Extreme Weight Loss" and she was given my name for her upcoming segment called "The Natural Way." Having just written a column about people who lost weight with surgery, this person wanted to find people who lost a lot of weight without surgery. I told her about the other story her same newspaper is already running on me and she said she would get back with me.

Since the story that will run next Wednesday is supposed to be more about my blog and book, I'm hoping to have the opportunity to share about my experience livin' la vida low-carb. I asked that journalist if she found anyone who lost a lot of weight on low-fat and kept it off and she said she has had a difficult time finding even one in this area. Gee, what a surprise! I told her I would be happy to share my experience if her editor approves.

I am so excited about the media opportunities and will continue to trumpet the low-carb lifestyle at every chance I can get. Oprah, Maury are you listening? PLEASE CALL ME! LOL! Don't laugh, it could happen...SOMEDAY! :-)


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