Monday, August 08, 2005

'Low Carb Newsline' News And Discussion Web Site Debuts

I am so excited to present to you a brand new low-carb web site featuring news, original commentary, and discussion of the hot topics regarding the low-carb lifestyle. It's online RIGHT NOW at

Affiliated with the family of web sites, will be different than most of the other low-carb discussion web sites because it will allow a lot more interactive features for readers to use and enjoy. In fact, you can have your voice heard on a wide variety of low-carb topics discussed at by participating in the Forum section.

I would like to see become THE place for people to receive the latest news and opinions about the ins and outs of the low-carb lifestyle. We all come at low-carb living from different perspectives and there are certainly points of contention even among those of us who mostly agree. That's the beauty of debate. I would hope that people could share their comments in our forum section and allow us to iron out some of the questions people have about the low-carb lifestyle. will embody many of the same characteristics of other low-carb web sites, but I think it will be even better. We will not censor anybody's opinion here (unless you get vulgar or obscene). But what we will do is give people an opportunity to share their voice among the many voices in the low-carb debate. Additionally, I don't think any other web site will feature as many original columns as either. This is going to be a very unique venture and I'm happy to have anyone who is interested in the low-carb lifestyle to come join the conversation.

When you visit, be sure to do a fast and easy sign-up at the left-hand side of the page. Once you do that, you will be able to post headlines about low-carb and participate in the interactive discussion of any of the original columns or headlines posted at There's even a low-carb poll there for you to use and even a place for you to put your low-carb blog, too!

There is so much to enjoy with that you won't know where to begin. I sincerely hope that you find this new web site to be a user-friendly place to read and talk about the low-carb lifestyle with other people just like you. Since we're all in this thing together, what better way to get together than at I hope to see you there soon.

So what happens to this blog, you may ask? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I'll still be posting here with all the news and commentary you have come to expect from me. However, many of my blog posts will now be featured at so they can be picked up by Google. The more people we can educate about the healthy benefits of livin' la vida low-carb, the better.

See ya soon at Let me know what you think about this new web site. You can e-mail me at my e-mail account:


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