Thursday, August 18, 2005

Research Survey Open To Active Low-Carbers

Dr. Richard Feinman wants to know about YOUR low-carb lifestyle

An exciting new research study conducted by Dr. Richard Feinman, Ph.D. is looking to see how people who are livin' la vida low-carb really eat, what they think about that way of eating, and other general health habits of active low-carbers.

Dr. Feinman is a professor of Biochemistry at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center and is interested in obtaining real data from people following a low-carb program. Dr. Feinman has led the way in research about the low-carb lifestyle over the past few years and will bring the same vigor and passionate exuberance that he always has to this scientific research study.

My friends over at the Active LowCarber Forum were selected by Dr. Feinman for this research opporunity. Dr. Feinman said that too many other low-carb studies have been "largely restricted to an abstract, experimental setting" and so he wanted a more natural environment for active low-carbers to share what they really do on their low-carb programs and what they think about the way they work.

A 7-minute, 27-question survey has been set up to extrapolate this information for the research. Dr. Feinman states he simply wants to share this information and will not attempt to draw any conclusions about the low-carb lifestyle, good or bad.

Of course, any information provided in this short survey will be kept confidential and no individual respondents will be mentioned or published by name. Please note that once you have taken the survey, you cannot take it again or make any changes.

The survey questions ask about your weight loss on low-carb, your eating habits, the state of your health, your food choices, your information source for educating yourself about low-carb, and much more! You will be contributing directly to an important research study that could have a direct impact on whether someone will choose this way of eating to help them with their weight problem.

You can thank Dr. Feinman for his new research on low-carb by sending him an e-mail at


Blogger tamarian said...

Hi Jimmy,

The new study is not at the as reported. This is an error, as we are not related to that forum, except that we both support low carb dieters.

The actual forum is the Active LowCarber Forums at

8/18/2005 3:45 PM  

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