Monday, August 08, 2005

Spartanburg Herald-Journal To Feature My Weight Loss Story

After I blogged about a local newspaper story about Atkins last week openly ridiculing the low-carb lifestyle, I was contacted by the journalist who wrote that story on Sunday for an upcoming article about my weight loss success through livin' la vida low-carb.

Teresa Killian from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal called me on Sunday afternoon to conduct the 45-minute interview with me and Christine. She asked me about my story and I told it to her as honestly and clearly as I could. She even asked me at the end of the call to have some people who saw me before and after to call her to provide some comments about how I have changed. I'll be doing that today. Teresa said the story should be out by the end of the week.

I will post a link to the column here when it comes out, but I wanted to thank those of you who send Teresa an e-mail in support of writing a story about my weight loss success on the low-carb lifestyle. I think we have a voice that needs to be heard because we're not going anywhere anytime soon, are we? :-)


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