Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Don't Expect The Government To Lose Weight For You

This MSN Money story states that the United States government is set to unveil a new strategy today for dealing with childhood obesity in America.

According to the story, the government-led plan is "the latest weapon in the battle" and includes "a version of the country's new 'food pyramid' of recommended dietary intake."

Have we not learned anything at all about the ridiculous new U.S. food pyramid? If people could lose weight and keep it off for good by following that method, then we'd be a country full of skinny people. But that isn't happening.

Instead, the drumbeat of low-fat/low-calorie/high-carb/portion-controlled meals continues on. When is the government going to recognize the value of low-carb in helping with this obesity crisis we face? But, you know what? I really couldn't care less if the government never gave proper credence to livin' la vida low-carb. It's not their battle to fight. It is ours.

People who have allowed themselves to become overweight or obese are the ones who are ultimately responsible for getting their own weight under control by whatever means necessary. Don't wait on a government program to come in and solve your problem without investing in yourself with time, energy, dedication and discipline to get 'er done! YOU have the power to make that happen today and only YOU can decide what is best for your particular situation.

Otherwise, you might be waiting a while or get frustrated with the "answer" you are waiting for from the government. When have they ever come up with a social plan that has solved anything. Most of this nation's problems have been resolved by people who take responsibility for themselves and their communities and taking action. Government can't be your mommy or daddy and hold your hand while you try to lose weight. Find it within yourself that this is what you want and need to do and it will happen.

If one in five children and two out of three Americans overall are overweight or obese, then shouldn't we be encouraging anything and everything that could help solve these problems? I think we should and allow the individual decide which program suits them the best.

A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNMENT: Provide people with choices and stop monopolizing the nutritional information provided to American citizens. If people knew the truth about low-carb rather than the propaganda that is allowed to pervade every aspect of our society, then maybe the obesity rates would start to fall. Until you realize how much harm you are doing by exascerbating the obesity problem, there will not be any progress made on reversing the current trend.

I don't expect them to listen to one man who just so happened to lose 180+ pounds on low-carb. But the collective voice of the tens of millions of low-carbers out there can. Make your voice count and stand up for the low-carb lifestyle at every opportunity.


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