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Gorran Pourin' It On Since Atkins Bankruptcy

Hey Gorran, be a man! End your silly little lawsuit against Atkins!

Our good old buddy, old pal, old friend Jody Gorran is back up to his familiar anti-Atkins tricks again now that Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection. With the way the media has reacted to this banruptcy announcement since it was made nearly a month ago, you would think the low-carb lifestyle was dead as a doorknob. At least that's what they would have us to believe.

Then along comes this story which characterizes Gorran as "giddy" about the Atkins bankruptcy and he is all too willig to use it as the perfect springboard opportunity for spewing more of his sad sob story to the masses about how the Atkins diet and livin' la vida low-carb messed up his life so much that he decided to react to it the American way -- he filed a lawsuit!

Just in case you don't know about who Jody Gorran is, let me quickly bring you up to speed. Gorran is the guy who decided to sue Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. because he claims the Atkins diet that helped him lose 10 pounds and maintain that minimal weight loss for over 2 1/2 years caused him to develop heart disease and "almost killed" him. With financial assistance from an extreme radical, anti-meat, PETA-funded group called Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, Gorran filed his lawsuit to force Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. to put warning labels on their low-carb products to supposedly inform the public that following a low-carb program like the Atkins diet can be hazardous to your health (what ISN'T hazardous to your health these days?!).

Somebody needs to put a big warning label over Gorran's mouth to warn the public that what they hear from the lips of this man can and will cause unnecessary public hysteria and outrageous media mania about how bad livin' la vida low-carb is for you. He is nothing but a radical activist with a pointed and specific agenda to destroy the low-carb lifestyle in an effort to discourage people from doing something positive about their weight problem.

Gorran doesn't care about the health and well-being of people like me who have been extremely successful on the Atkins diet. In fact, he actually ignores stories like mine of enormous weight loss and weight maintenance success that resulted from the Atkins diet because it makes his lawsuit look very foolish. While Gorran may claim he is not in this for the money or publicity for himself or for the group he is associated with, that is EXACTLY why he is continuing on with his silly lawsuit against Atkins. Saying otherwise is just being dishonest and deceptive. But we're not gonna let you get away with it here, Mr. Gorran!

I honestly was shocked and could not believe this story actually stated that doctors and dietitians were "dancing on (the) grave" of Atkins in response to their bankruptcy announcement on August 1, 2005. "Certainly the mighty had fallen," the story boasts.

People please! It's one thing to be critical and debate the merits of something you disagree with. But it is yet another thing to disgrace the memory of a great and honorable man and his life's work with disrespectful language in an allegedly unbiased news story. Gloating and thumbing your nose at Dr. Robert Atkins now that he is not around to defend himself is about as low as you can get. If you want to debate the positives and negatives of the low-carb lifestyle, then that's fine with me. I'm happy to step up and defend it against any naysayer, anywhere, anytime. BRING IT ON if you have the guts to do it! Let Dr. Atkins rest in peace and spare his family the emotional pain and heartache these senseless attacks foster.

There will probably not be any takers on my challenge to debate the merits of the low-carb lifestyle because it's a lot easier to act like Gorran and hide behind alleged health problems that very likely had nothing to do with the Atkins diet itself. Hey Gorran, be a man! Stop your constant and baseless whining about how the Atkins diet ruined your health and start taking personal responsibility for your other lifestyle choices which might have contributed to your condition. And WHEN you lose this case against Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (and you will lose badly!), don't come crying to me or anyone for sympathy about your situation. You are in bed with a very dangerous radical leftist organization (look at this recent example of just how wild they can get) who will stop at nothing to force all of mankind to go against their God-given desire to eat meat. Have you even had a steak lately, Mr. Gorran?

I have actually thought about creating a counter-PETA group called META (Men Eating Tasty Animals). Members of META would celebrate our manhood weekly by conducting massive sit-ins at steak restaurants all across the United States. You name it, Outback Steakhouse, Applebee's, Western Sizzler, Ryan's, Firehouse Grill, Golden Corral and every other steakhouse in the United States of America should prepare to swing their doors wide open because the members of META will be embarking on a sit-in very, very soon and often! How do you think Gorran and his PETA pals would react to META?!

Gorran said he wasn't at all surprised to see the Atkins bankruptcy announcement.

"People have voted with their pocketbooks," he says. "They've realized the emperor has no clothes."

It's just a wee bit premature to believe low-carb is a goner just yet as this story accurately notes. The bankruptcy by Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. does not mean they are going away anytime soon (much to the dismay of people like Gorran). Instead, they will focus on continuing to provide excellent nutritional information and products to the public interested in a permanent way to lose and maintain their weight.

This article tells the incredible story of a former 6'1" 425-pound man who had high blood pressure and failing health in 2003. His doctor said he needed to have gastric bypass surgery, but instead he opted to try the Atkins diet. Although he didn't add exercise until he had lost about 100 pounds, this man was eventually able to get down to 230 pounds (hmmm, that sounds familiar!) and he hopes to lose another 30-40 pounds. Like me, I bet he is also having to deal with a lot of excessive skin the abdomen area which likely weighs 15-20 pounds. I'd love to meet this guy someday and share battle stories with him.

"I'm on the right track," he said. "The principles of low-carb definitely work for me."


As for Gorran, the diminutive 148-pounder wants people to believe that Atkins almost killed him and will kill them, too. Sigh. While he and his attorneys hide behind the claim that "Atkins doesn't work the same way for everyone," that's just a ruse to prevent people from even TRYING to lose weight on a low-carb plan. Long-term studies are still years away from being released to the general public about the healthy alternative that livin' la vida low-carb is. But in the meantime, Gorran and the rest of the anti-meat, anti-Atkins crowd are seizing this opportunity to discourage as many people as they can from even attempting to do something about their obesity problem. What's funn is being obese is something Gorran wouldn't know anything about.

Has he ever felt the pain of what it is like to carry around a big fat belly? No. Does he know the emotional scars of being shunned by your peers because of your weight? Not at all. Will he ever really understand why nobody takes him and his frivolous lawsuit against Atkins seriously? I don't think he's capable of it because he has bought into his own hype.

Here are some questions for Gorran that I'd love to have him answer: Why did you start the Atkins diet anyway? If your health was doing so well by following a low-fat diet, then why did you change? Since you were not overweight or obese, what was the purpose of switching to the low-carb lifestyle if what you were doing was working fine for you? Me thinks you had an ulterior motive from the very beginning! You should be ashamed of yourself for passing yourself off as just an innocent victim. You are anything but that!

Gorran's attorney said she is amazed "it doesn't happen to everyone," referring to the heart disease Gorran allegedly experienced.

"But even for those people whose cholesterol doesn't go up, I still think that type of diet is not safe."

That's a nice opinion to have, but where are the facts and statistics that back up that assertion? Dr. Atkins beautifully outlined in his books why his program is scientifically shown to help people lose weight and improve their health. I don't need an attorney who has not experienced livin' la vida low-carb nor has she apparently educated herself properly about the low-carb lifestyle to lecture me on what way of eating is safe or not.

What about the idiots who are out there eating gobs and gobs of junk food like it's going out of style? Is that more "safe" than the Atkins diet? Or what about those people who believe fast food is its own food group? Can they possibly be eating a healthier way than people on a low-carb lifestyle? This argument that the Atkins diet and other low-carb programs are dangerous and unhealthy is just ludicrous in light of what the average American diet consisting of junk food, fast food, sugary sweets and more is like. And we won't even begin to talk about the lack of exercise by the vast majority of Americans.

The good news for people wanting to get out of the entrapment of carb-loaded foods that have made them become obese is that livin' la vida low-carb is working and literally millions upon millions of people are experiencing the healthy benefits of being on it.

Would you like a tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes, Mr. Gorran?


Blogger Julia Havey said...

Jimmy, what you may not know is the Physicans for BLAH BLAH BLAH group is a front for none other than Dr. Don't eat anything put what I tell you to, Dr. Neal Barnard, whom I was on a talk show with and he is as bland as his food choices, in my humble opinion! NO Chocolate? NO milk? NO cheese? NO sugar? What planet is this guy from?!

I don't mind him fighting for what he believes in, but the organizations name makes it sound like ALL doctors EVERYWHERE support whatever stance he personally has and THAT is my issue with him!

I think both of these men should quit hiding behind fronts and get out front and be honest about their real agenda!

Well, I got THAT off my chest! LOL

9/03/2005 6:52 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS for sharing your comments, Julia. People need to be who they are and not be ashamed of it. I'm certainly not.

9/03/2005 8:23 PM  
Blogger Newbirth said...

I belong to PETA! People Eating Tasty Animals! lol :)

1/18/2006 11:08 PM  

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