Saturday, September 10, 2005

Losing The Fat While Keeping The Faith

Jeremy Likness' book will inspire, motivate, and change your life

When you lose 180 pounds in one year like I did, your perspective about the subject of weight loss is radically altered because you have acheived something that very few people are able to accomplish. I just finished reading a book by a fellow "loser" who not only lost weight, but completely transformed his body from a beer bellied slob into a muscle machine like you've never seen.

You will never believe these before and after pictures are of the SAME guy:

But indeed they are the exact same person and his name is Jeremy Likness. Here is a man who confronted his weight problem like a matador against a bull and slayed that beast once and for all with a strategy to make himself healthier through proper nutrition, intense exercise, and psychological build-up. The result is the transformational guide you will read about in Lose Fat, Not Faith.

Likness does not mince words in this book which is what makes his writings so compelling. He'll give you personal examples from his own life to help drive home the message that he wants to deliver to you the reader. I am sure he will step on your toes from time to time and convict you in areas of your life where you know you have been slacking off. That's Jeremy's style and he is someone you should listen to. He lost 65 pounds and dropped ten inches from his waist in just a year. Even more important, he gained the energy and confidence to take that weight loss to the next level of fitness so much so that he is now a certified personal trainer. Unbelievable!

Going deeper than just cutting calories, exercising and getting enough rest, Likness provides an incredible amount of information packed into the 285 pages of his book. There is so much data to absorb, it will take you weeks to comprehend it all and then you'll be going back to it again and again to refamiliarize yourself with what you have read. That's what I did!

As a low-carb weight loss success story, though, I was a bit dismayed by what he refers to as the "low carbohydrate myth." Likness believes simply cutting carbs is not enough, you need to know which carbs you can and should eat however many carbs your body can handle for your energy needs. He encourages people to use sugar in moderation and not to gorge themselves on unnecessary carbs. Before a workout, Likness highly encourages people to carb up and then again after the workout.

While I disagree with him on this as well as the advice to portion-control your food selections, I appreciate that Likness encourages people to remain in control of their wants and desires when it comes to food. That is a lesson that everyone who struggles with their weight must come to terms with at one point or another.

Reading through Lose Fat, Not Faith you will find yourself laughing, crying and beaming with the confidence that Likness provides you in page after page. Unless you are really ready to get serious about your obesity problem, don't bother reading Lose Fat, Not Faith. It's not gonna work for you. But if you are ready to finally find a real path to weight loss success taken to a higher level, then Lose Fat, Not Faith is the book you want to read!

9-12-05 UPDATE: The author of Lose Fat, Not Faith blogged about my review at his blog today and sent me the following e-mail in response:

Thank you! I appreciate your sharing this, and your honesty. It’s also been a pleasure for me to learn more about low-carb through your blog and the stories of others who have found more success than I was aware of when I wrote the book.

Keep up the awesome work!

Jeremy Likness
CEO, Golden Summit Inc.

His comments were even more poignant and meaningful to me at his blog about this review:

In my book, I speak of the "low-carbohydrate myth." This would in many cases alienate many readers who are emotional and defensive of their programs. Jimmy, however, took this in stride ... he mentioned it in his review but did not allow that to cloud his assessment of the book as a whole. I appreciate objective criticism and as I wrote to Jimmy after finding his review, I've learned quite a bit about the "low-carb lifestyle" since I wrote the book. While I still know that it is possible to lose fat without going "low-carb" I can appreciate the thousands, perhaps millions, of lives that have been positively impacted by this movement.

THANK YOU, Jeremy! I always tell people to find the weight loss method that works best for them regardless of whether it is low-carb or not. My mission in life isn't to get everyone to go low-carb. Instead, I want them to realize there is a problem that needs to be taken seriously and to DO SOMETHING about it before it is too late for them. For me it is livin' la vida low-carb and, thus, I passionately write about this subject to help others who feel there is no hope for them. I proved otherwise! I appreciate the work Jeremy is doing to lead others along a similar path to fitness nirvana. We're all in this battle together and should not view each other as enemies. Our goals are the same even if the means to get there vary.


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