Friday, September 09, 2005

Spartanburg Herald-Journal Posts Link To Story About My 180-Pound Weight Loss

That's me eating in my cubicle at work before my workout

I was so excited last week when an article about my weight loss was printed at long last. I had been telling you about this story for weeks but it came out on August 31, 2005. Unfortunately, though, they did not post this story on the Internet.

But due to such popular demand from many of my readers who wanted to access the local newspaper article about my weight loss success story, The Spartanburg Herald-Journal decided to post it on their web site on Thursday. Here is the link to the story entitled "Once you've had a taste of the low-carb life you'll never be the same" or you can click on the link below:

I would like to personally thank the journalist Teresa Killian for penning such a beautiful and brief description of my weight loss story. Issuing a challenge to her after writing a negative story about the Atkins diet following their bankruptcy announcement, Killian stepped up to the plate and delivered a grand slam!

The way she weaved the various elements about my weight loss experience into a compelling story made me very proud of this piece. In fact, my wife suggested I get it professionally framed for hanging on our wall. And it just so happens that the Spartanburg Herald-Journal does that sorta thing, so I ordered one. It's gonna look great on my living room wall.

To the people who were quoted in the story, including my wife Christine, Ralph Bristol, Mary Boan, and Bridget Skinner, THANK YOU for your encouraging comments. I am grateful to be surrounded by people who truly care about my health and well-being as much as you do. Also, I want to thank my employer for allowing the photographer to come in and take my picture at the office as well as the local YMCA for doing the same. I really felt like a rock star that day! :-)

When they told me that wanted a picture of me eating and working out, I thought they were nuts. But now I see why they wanted the pics that they did.

There was some sidebar information in the print version of the article that is not in this online version, including my top five low-carb web sites, favorite books, more pictures and more. I blogged about these on the day the article released.

I'd love to know what you think about the article and there's even a place at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal web site for you to register your comments about it. THANKS, as always, for your faithful and dedicated support to me and this blog.

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Hi there!

Thanks for your e-mail, I will answer it as well. Just wanted to say CONGRATS to your huge weight loss!

Have a nice Sunday and speak to you soon via e-mail. I just got a blog, which I like more than Livejournal (and I've been on LJ for 5 years!!)....


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