Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes The Body Break Down

My friend Connie Bennett over at the SUGAR SHOCK! Blog is fired up today over this New York Times article regarding a new diet plan that suggests people consume several spoonfuls of sugar each day in a glass of water to help them lose weight by warding off hunger (and they think the Atkins diet is strange?!).

Connie, who battles the evils of sugar on a regular basis and in her upcoming book called SUGAR SHOCK!, is obviously upset by this "Shangri-La Diet" developed by University of California-Berkley psychology professor Seth Roberts and wants everyone to know how "dangerous" a diet containing fructose can be to your health.

"Taking fructose-water beverage breaks while trying to lose weight is foolhardy, to say the least -- that is, if you want to be healthy and live as long as you can," she writes at her blog. "In fact, considerable recent research shows that fructose -- which is not made from fruit but rather from corn -- is the most dangerous of all sugars."

Uh-oh, Connie better look out or she'll have this lady breathing down her neck like she was mine.

Quoting nutrition and health expert Jonny Bowden, who used this subject as his springboard for coming out of blog "retirement" as he calls it, Connie provides some very good information for people who are interested in the danger that sugar poses to the health and well-being of people.

As I have said before, sugar is a major concern that I have with low-fat diets. It is not prohibited because it is fat-free. But sugar is anything but healthy. Let Connie help inspire you even more as you read her zeal and enthusiasm for this subject in her blog post today.

Connie concludes her post by stating, "God forbid, don't start a hazardous habit of slipping a few spoonfuls of fructose sugar into your mouth to get rid of excess weight. That's a 'sacrifice' that you may not live to regret."


If you feel strongly about this issue, then I urge you to take action, too! Write a comment to the authors of the New York Times story, Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt, at their blog about this new "diet" and how awful it is.

You can e-mail Seth Roberts at


Blogger Connie said...

Thanks, Jimmy, for helping me to get the word out about this scary diet!

Let's hope we can help the self-experimenting Roberts before he does exhaustive damage to his body -- and that of his unsuspecting followers.


9/11/2005 7:50 PM  

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