Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Fruity Diet With Incredible Results

As someone who has lost over 180 pounds naturally through diet and exercise, I have grown to love and admire anyone else who has been able to do the same for themselves.

That's why I was so anxious to read Roger Troy Wilson's story about losing an unbelievable 230 pounds in his new book called Let's Do Lunch. As a low-carb weight loss success story myself, I just HAD to know how he lost his weight and kept it off for many years now.

Well, what I discovered was the most peculiar and unique "diet" plan I think I have ever seen in my life. It's definitely NOT low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, or portion-controlled. None of those ever worked for him no matter how hard he tried to lose weight on them. I don't know where Wilson came up with this way of eating, but it helped him shed the pounds and keep it off. Anything that can help you do that is worth taking a look at.

In Let's Do Lunch, Wilson not only shares his story about ballooning up to a "5-foot waist" (my waist got as big as 5'2"!), but also the many letters of thanks he has received from those who have enjoyed his special program. The enthusiasm these people have after losing weight is contagious and makes you want to know how the Let's Do Lunch plan works.

As a very successful businessman, Wilson knew he had a problem with obesity but ignored it for many years. As many of us former 400+ pounders will attest, the rollercoaster ride of lose, gain, lose, gain was ruthless. Trying time after time to find that one way of eating that will sustain us for the rest of our lives was challenging and draining. Surely there had to be a better way to control your weight?!

For Wilson, there was. And actually he can thank his son for getting him started on the greatest achievement of his life. When they say the old phrase "out of the mouth of babes," it was definitely true for Wilson.

His son had put some grapes in the freezer to have as a refreshing and delicious treat later in the day. But when Wilson found the grapes in the freezer, he immediately thought they were ruined and started blaming everyone for it. He went to his wife first, but she said she didn't do it. So then he calls his son and I'm sure he responded something along the lines of, "Chill out, Dad, it's cool. You've never tasted grapes this good before!"

And so Wilson tried one of these frozen fruits and was just amazed by how incredibly delicious they were. So he kept eating and eating them. He did the same thing the next night and the next night beginning a pattern that eventually led to the basis for the Let's Do Lunch program that helped him shed those pounds.

While Wilson makes it clear this is not a fruit diet, fruits of all kinds are highly encouraged to eat in the quantities of your choice. Besides the fruit, most of the rest of the Let's Do Lunch plan is fairly close to livin' la vida low-carb -- eliminate sugar, starches, and unnecessary carbs and consume more protein for satiety. As for the high sugar content in all of that fruit he endorses, Wilson said he doesn't think that sugar is fattening although the sugar found in candy bars and sweets is fattening. Hmmmm.

I chuckled when I read about how the "thin" version of Wilson is getting so much attention these days because I can personally relate to that experience. You life really does change after losing such a dramatic amount of weight. But I am envious of Roger Troy Wilson. He got his tummy tuck after losing weight and is so happy with it. This is a struggle for so many of us who have lost weight, but now have the hanging skin to look at every single day. Someday it will happen, someday. Wilson said it has made all the difference in the world how he sees himself when he looks in the mirror.

In a nutshell, the Let's Do Lunch weight loss plan calls for four things: eat fruit, make lunch your priority meal of the day, eat less fattening foods that you enjoy, and have corn, beans, and peas instead of bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. That's it. Do those things and you are well on your way to losing weight the way Wilson did it.

Of course, you will want to read Let's Do Lunch to get a better understanding of the who, what, where, why, when, how of this new way of eating. His "Helpful Tips" chapter answers all of those nagging questions you may be having about dieting in general and how Let's Do Lunch works to melt away the fat from your body. You'll have to turn to page 55 to see how often you should weigh yourself. It's not what you think.

Wilson also helps you deal with the inevitable cravings you will experience, what to do when you feel the desire to cheat, how to order when you eat out at a fast-food or sit-down restaurant.

But I know you are wondering about that little word known as exercise. Am I gonna have to sweat myself to death on this diet? In a word, nope! Wilson said exercise is not required on his program, but it will most certainly enhance the weight loss and health benefits you will enjoy if you do. Your body will also become more toned, energetic, and active. When you shed over 100 pounds off of your body, you cannot help but start moving faster and faster in every activity that you do. I am more active today than I have ever been in my entire life. And I'm sure Wilson is as well.

There is a structured 14-day eating plan for people who need to be told how to eat. Follow it strictly if you need guidance about doing the Let's Do Lunch plan. Wilson even provides a handy grocery shopping list about what you can and cannot buy to eat on his program. And in case you were wondering, what would a book about weight loss be without throwing in a few favorite recipes at the back of the book?

Wilson has made the Let's Do Lunch so user-friendly that you won't have any trouble reading it from cover to cover in one sitting. What an amazing story of weight loss triumph and success Wilson has to share. While my path to becoming skinny was very different from his, I have great respect and admiration for anyone who can get their obesity under control for good.

Won't you be the next Roger Troy Wilson to change your life forever? If so, then Let's Do Lunch.


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I'm finding your blog interesting. Got here via research on cholesterol. I just had to make a comment that I think switching to a main meal at a lunch is a huge help. I've lived in several countries other than America where people on average are skinnier and healthier. They all have their main meal at lunch. I made the switch a few weeks ago, and it immediately made a difference.

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