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'New Glucose Revolution' Lampoons Low-Carb For 'Hoarding Fat'

This book marketed using ignorant references about the low-carb lifestyle

My mother-in-law received a magazine in the mail the other day called "The Glycemic Index Report" and it included information about a book I had not heard of previously called "The New Glucose Revolution" (if that's not a direct rip-off of Dr. Atkins "New Diet Revolution," then I don't know what is!). This diet plan supposedly explains how the glycemic index can help people get their weight under control either through a high-GI or a low-GI plan, which is nothing more than a kissing cousin of low-carb.

In an article entitled "Why Low-Carb Diets Just Don't Work," the following excerpt from the book was directed at and about people who choose livin' la vida low-carb:

When you eat too little sugar, as on a low carb diet, you quickly burn up the sugar your body can store in it's muscles, as well as stored water. The result is a rapid weight loss of about 5 pounds.

The bad news? Not an ounce of those 5 pounds is fat.

More bad news: Once your body's supply of stored sugar is gone, your body sends emergency signals to its cells to begin hoarding fat, not burning it.

The good news: The New Glucose Revolution explains how to keep your blood sugar within the proper range so your body burns fat naturally.

Obviously this was a veiled advertisement for "The New Glucose Revolution" book. But why did they have to resort to such outright lies and wrong information to prop up their own book.

That seems to be in vogue right now. Some mumbo jumbo weight loss guru hits the market with his new "I Can Make You Skinny" book and the first thing out of his mouth about it is, "Oh, this is NOTHING like that awful low-carb diet. That was such a fad and everyone who did it just got fatter. MY book is the real McCoy and you need to plop down 25 bucks for it today!" And so goes the neverending cycle of the diet book industry.

Can't they just be honest up front about what their program is about rather than having to take a swipe at low-carb along the way? I know it is good to compare how their diet is different, but you never see these kind of vicious attacks against the low-fat diets or the low-calorie diets. There is a logical explanation for this. Most of these "new" diets that hit the market advocate some kind of fat, calorie or portion restrictions to make their "new" diet work. They're not new, just packaged differently. Just look at this one and I rest my case.

"The New Glucose Revolution" is different inasmuch as it looks at how sugar can affect the body. But this notion that your body NEEDS sugar is such a farce it has no credibility within most circles of thinking among health enthusiasts.

Sugar consumption is decidedly unhealthy and your body just does not need it. People on a low-carb lifestyle do not only lose "water" weight as this article suggests unless those 180+ pounds I lost on the Atkins diet was all water! Give me a break! I'll give them the first 30 pounds (and that's generous of me!) that I lost during my first month on low-carb was probably "water" weight but how do they explain the remaining 150+ pounds? And where did those 20+ inches from my waist go if all I lost was "water" weight? This argument is so easily shot down I am surprised anyone still uses it as an excuse to avoid livin' la vida low-carb.

During the Induction phase and into the weight loss phase of Atkins, your body is finally ridding itself of the poisonous toxins that sugar creates inside your body and you are able to feel for the first time in your life what it is like not to be under the control of the cravings that sugar brings on. Like a heroin addict, it may take a while to get "clean" but your body will be much better off when you do. I can personally attest to the anguish of overcoming my sugar addiction, but I have never felt better in my entire life since I eliminated sugar entirely from my food intake. It's just not worth getting on that rollercoaster ride anymore. My friend Connie Bennett at the SUGAR SHOCK! blog will be happy to assist you with more information and/or counseling about how to kick the sugar habit for good.

The nonsense being spread by the people marketing "The New Glucose Revolution" about keeping your blood sugar in the "proper range" to burn fat is idiotic. Your body will kick into high fat-burning mode once you enter ketosis within days of starting your low-carb plan and you will burn fat so fast you'll think of this as the easiest way you've ever lost weight in your life. It worked for me and is still working for me nearly a year later!

My body did not start "hoarding fat" once all the sugar in my body was "burned up." In fact, just the opposite happened. I lost weight so fast I couldn't believe my eyes when I stepped on that scale each day. I averaged a weight loss of about a pound a day for the first four months and then three pounds per week thereafter until I reached my goal. If my body was storing all this fat as this book claims, then I would not be the thin, healthy man I am today. Actually, researchers have found that a low-fat diet causes your body to start "hoarding fat" around your midsection. The authors of "The New Glucose Revolution" must be confused. ;-P

People can and will say anything to hide the incredibly wonderful benefits that you will enjoy on the low-carb lifestyle. I think they're just jealous of our success and want to diminish the amazing results we have seen. But they're not gonna get me down because I know low-carb works!


Blogger LCforevah said...

Hi Jimmy

I read your May 10 blog entry about low fat diets causing the body to hoard fat because, it seems, the liver needs new fat to help burn old body fat. Very interesting!

I follow Protein Power, and the Drs Eades have a very thorough explanation in both their books about insulin being the fat storage hormone. This means that when a person eats high carb, the insulin that gets released not only regulates the blood sugar, but has the fat cells take up any left over glucose, therefore not letting the fat cell release the fat that's already there!

Jonny Bowden also explains this same process in the 2nd chapter,"Why Low-Carb Diets Work" in his book,"Living the Low Carb Life".

So,if insulin is the fat storage hormone, and the liver needs new fat to burn old fat, then the high carb/low fat diets are really exercises in futility ! A real double whammy guaranteed to help dieters fail!

10/06/2005 5:03 PM  

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