Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Skinnier Sex Better Than Fat Sex, Study Says

This Reuters story shows there are more benefits to your life than just a better body and improved health when you lose a large amount of weight.

A new study led by researcher Dr. Martin Binks, the Director of Behavioral Health the Duke Diet and Fitness Center, found that obese women who lose even a moderate amount of weight felt much more beautiful than before and regained their sex drive.

Observing 161 morbidly obese women who were in a prescription weight loss program in Minnesota for two years, the researchers found that nearly two out of every three women said that they were having trouble with their sex life before the program began.

But just one year later after experiencing weight loss success, only 15 percent expressed problems about sexual desire compared with the 39 percent at the start of the study. Additionally, while 68 percent felt sexually unattractive at the beginning of the study, that number plummeted to 26 percent after the participants experienced weight loss.

There were also the same kind of drops in the percentages of women who didn't want to be seen undressed, had little sexual desire, avoided sexual encounters, had difficulty with sexual performance or didn't enjoy sex.

The researchers want to see the long-term effects of sustained weight loss to see if the statistics continue to improve with weight maintenance or if they remain the same.

Similar findings were found among 26 very obese men who participated in the same weight loss program in Minnesota, but the sample size was too small to draw any conclusions.

These findings were unveiled at The North American Association for the Study of Obesity taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday.

Dr. Binks believes anything that can provide people with an incentive for losing weight is worth looking into to help them do something about their weight if they are overweight or obese.

"If people experience benefits and rewards from their weight loss and health efforts, it may motivate them to continue a healthy lifestyle," said Dr. Binks.

While many of the study participants were still considered obese after one year on the weight loss plan, the researchers were amazed that improvements in their sex life happened so soon.

"I would have expected that it would have required a larger weight loss for people to be able to experience these improvements," Dr. Binks stated.

Besides the problems with sex, carrying around excessive weight can cause impotence, bring on back pain, lead to depression, and causing positional problems when it comes to the act of sex.

I don't have to get too specific about my own situation after losing 180+ pounds on the low-carb lifestyle to tell you that my sex life has improved dramatically. It really is amazing the difference between skinnier sex and fat sex in many ways. I used to have problems breathing, my heart would pound so hard I could feel it in my chest, and performance was sometimes lacking when I was 410 pounds. Let's just say none of these are an issue any longer.

What better incentive to start livin' la vida low-carb, right?


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