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'Biggest Loser' Contestants Keep The Weight Off

With the exciting 2-hour LIVE season finale of the hit reality television show "The Biggest Loser" airing this Tuesday night from 8-10pm EST, many are waiting to see whether it will be Matt, Seth, or Suzy who will lose the most weight as a percentage of their starting weight to become one quarter of a million dollars richer and be deemed "The Biggest Loser" for Season Two.

Also, there will be a battle among the eliminated contestants to see which one amongt hem will triumph to win the $100,000 consolation prize. It will certainly be fun to watch and they are all winners for investing in the hard work it has taken to bring them this far.

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But for fans of the show (and I am one of them!), I bet you are wondering what happened with those contestants from Season One of "Biggest Loser" show? How are they doing with their weight now one year after being on the ranch? Wouldn't you like to see what they look like today?

Now you can! I thought you might like to have an update, including before and after photos, of the contestants from Season One of "The Biggest Loser":


Ryan Benson was the original "Biggest Loser" and should be proud of what he has accomplished. He works out every single day and manages his 122-pound weight loss with the low-carb lifestyle. How cool is that?! You can check out what's happening with Ryan at his web site,


This is a man who now weighs less than 200 pounds and credits exercise for his success. In fact, he said he doesn't mind cheating on his eating habits because he knows he can work it off enough in the gym with exercise. Aaron is down to 11% body fat (hey, that's something we have in common!) and has never felt better. There's another thing he and I have in common as well -- Aaron's writing a book "because it really makes you get inside your own head and it also keeps me motivated." Amen, brother!


I always admired Drea because of what she did in accomplishing that physical challenge walking up a gazillion flights of steps. The look on her face when she was the winner of the challenge showed me that she was serious about her weight loss and that nothing would stop her from there on. According to her web site, she is staying plenty busy speaking about her weight loss and proudly, too. Man she's looking strong and healthy! She was the biggest female loser from Season One and has a smile that would light up any room. Her uncanny ability to motivate others is what has led her to become a fitness trainer. Do you think she ever thought she'd be doing that?! Way to go, Drea!


Although she didn't have a lot of weight to lose, Dana has certainly made the most of her experience on the show. She is a team leader for's Losing Weight With Family and will be entering a bathing suit contest for a tanning company called Planet Beach. WOW! She looks great and credits cutting out sugar from her diet along with cardio workouts. Good going, Dana! You look mahhhvulous!


The winner of the $100,000 from Season One for losing the most weight of the contestants who got cut, Dave made healthy eating and working out a "normal" part of his life. He said people stop him in the street and tell him how much they inspired them in their weight loss. It's a neat feeling, isn't it, Dave? I get that a lot since I went from 410 down to 225.


Eating "big salads" along with fresh fruit, Gary said he let his weight get "too low" while he was working on the show. He weighs 160 pounds today and says the key to his weight loss maintenance success is "cardio, cardio, cardio." Do you sense a theme here anyone?


Also crediting 1-hour workouts for six days a week, Kelly Mac also keeps a food journal and has inspired her parents and roommate to lose weight. She's still a stand-up comedian and loves the fact that guys ask her for her telephone number now. Check out what Kelly Mac is up to (including her tour schedule) by visiting


Being an example for her students, Kelly Minner says she has learned to relax more since leaving the ranch and doesn't worry about messing up. However, she made it very clear she will not eat white rice. Good girl! She, too, has felt the call in her life to help others in their own weight loss journey (when you lose weight and see such a dramatic change in your own life, that's only natural -- I've felt the same way!). She was on the front cover of Women's World magazine in May 2005 and is approaching 100 pounds lost since starting the show. You can see what Kelly Minner is up to at her web site,


Using cardio workouts and dance classes to stay in shape, Lisa said her boyfriend gets jealous now because other guys are have google eyes at her. Nice problem to have, isn't it Lisa? Crediting "The Biggest Loser" for helping her get her life back, she described what life would be like today had she not gotten motivated to lose weight. "I would probably be in a wheelchair with a whiskey on the rocks in one hand and a double cheeseburger and fries in the other!" What a visual! Can anyone relate? :)


She runs five miles a day and never cheats to keep her weight off. Lizzeth said she regained her sense of self-worth because of the show and has a goal to wear a 2-piece bathing suit before she reaches the age of 40. She's trying to get her family to do what she did by encouraging them to "start today" on doing something about their weight!


Another low-carber, Matt says he has cut out most of his carbs, eats lots of salads, chicken, and healthy fruits. He does portion control, but he says that helps keep him on track to maintain his weight loss. Matt also has three one-hour cardio workouts a week as well as sit-ups and push-ups. He says to "live fabulous" by enjoying life with a rum and Diet Coke!


Everybody loves Mo! What a super guy he is with a big heart that matches his once gargantuan body. But Mo is a changed man now who is working to get down to 235 pounds. Although he still weighs 350 pounds, Mo is confident his goal is "attainable" and uses the 1 1/2 hour workouts 5 days a week to help him get there. He said all the fried cookin' his momma used to make him has been replaced with baked now, so he's eating healthier. He even beat out television talk show icon Oprah Winfrey to be the Tennessee spokesperson for the Department of Health. Good going, Mo! You can do it, buddy! You've got a lot of people rooting for you to get to that goal of yours. Don't EVER give up!

So, that's what the contestants from Season One are up to now. Guess what is next in line for "The Biggest Loser" franchise -- A WORKOUT VIDEO!!!

Coming on December 20, 2005 is a special exercise video called The Biggest Loser Workout Volume 1 featuring "The Biggest Loser" fitness trainer Bob Harper and contestants from both Season One and Season Two joining him, including Gary, Drea, Suzy, Matt, Andrea, and Seth. From what I have seen of the video previews, there will be various workout levels to meet you at your level to go at your pace. That's a good way to do it!

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By the way, NBC made it official today when they announced they have decided to renew the contract to bring back "The Biggest Loser" for a third season. Although the ratings are slightly down from the summertime Season One version of the show, producers and network executives are impressed with the numbers from the past couple of weeks which have been in excess of 10 million viewers. If the increased traffic to my site in that time period is any indication of the popularity of the show, then I'd say NBC did a smart thing renewing this lifechanging television show for yet another season.

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Blogger Beauty and the Brain said...

Wow! What a truly inspiring post! Those folks have a lot of courage for sharing their stories on national television.

You're right up there with the best of them, Jimmy!

P.S. Your book arrived from the other day and I devoured it from cover to cover in one day! It's awesome, and your story is even more inspiring than a some of the best ones on The Biggest Loser. You rock!

11/26/2005 1:42 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANK YOU, B&TB! You are the best! I'm glad you like my book and I hope it will be the inspiration that many need to finally do something about their weight problem. My heart is burdened for people who are overweight and obese and I will not stop talking about how the low-carb lifestyle changes lives anytime soon.

11/26/2005 6:23 PM  
Blogger Logtar said...

Simply amazing

11/30/2005 9:15 AM  

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