Saturday, November 26, 2005

Fuggedaboutit : One In 5 NYers Are Obese

This Syracuse Post-Standard story reveals that one in five of New York City residents are clinically obese and yet very few of them know it or will admit it.

City health officials say there are now over 1 million obese people residing in the New York City area, but a recent survey of those who are classified as obese found that 40 percent of them describe themselves as "very overweight," but not obese.

The stigma that comes from being called "obese" must be THAT bad if a New Yorker doesn't even want to be called one. Fuggedaboutit, I don't have a problem. When I weighed 410 pounds, I knew I was a big guy, but I never stopped to think about whether I was obese or not. And yet everyone around me already knew.

When an overweight or obese person denies they have a serious weight problem (as this reader did in an August post), people think they are being irrational and cannot understand why they won't just lose the weight. Since I've been there myself, I disagree with that thinking.

Instead, you have to know that there are a lot of emotional mind games that go on in the head of a person carrying around a lot of weight. The desire to lose weight is there, but that feeling of hopelessness sets in and causes people to rationalize away the size of their belly. I admit it. I did it, too!

But praise God I was able to start livin' la vida low-carb in 2004 and today I weigh 225 pounds. That weight didn't come off without a little hard work and a desire to see myself improve physically, mentally, and spiritually. Those four in ten New Yorkers who deny they are "obese" have to reach the point where they want to lose weight so bad that nothing will stand in their way of success.

I spoke with a lady at one of my book signings on Friday who had about 10-15 health and weight loss books in her hand browsing through them. When I looked into her eyes, I could see this woman was at her breaking point. She was overweight and now was desperately seeking answers.

She noticed me signing my book and inquired about my weight loss. I told her about how the low-carb lifestyle changed my life and that it was arguably the easiest and best-tasting "diet" I had ever tried. As I shared my story of being a former obese man, tears began to well up in her eyes and she knew she found a kindred spirit who understood her pain.

Seeing her cry like she did, it was difficult to keep my own composure, but I did. I proudly shared with her all the changes that have happened to me because of the weight loss and that those things could happen to her, too! She thanked me for sharing my story and said she was seriously committed to doing this. I encouraged her to keep that attitude and she can't help but be successful.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden would say that people who are obese need to eat less calories and exercise more.

"Obesity is directly related to getting too little physical activity and consuming too many calories," Frieden commented. "Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week can literally save your life."

Yes and no. Yes, you need to get the 30 minutes of exercise a day for your heart health and weight management. But no you don't need to cut your calories to do it. As I lost my weight on the low-carb lifestyle, not once did I, have I, or will I ever count my fat grams, calories or portion control my food. The burden of doing that is lifted off of you so you don't have to worry about it anymore. YOU'RE FREE!

But getting that heart rate up and making your body sweat is essential. Getting active in SOME way is the key and work your way up to longer workouts. Over one-fourth of the survey respondents said they are actively involved in some sort of physical activity for 120 minutes per week. That same survey showed nearly another one-fourth of respondents watch a minimum of FIVE HOURS of television per day.

Yikes! Whadyawanna bet they're not watching workout videos? LOL!

Whether you live in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, or anywhere in between, the first thing you need to do if you have a weight problem is admit it. Just admit it to yourself and resolve that you will commit to doing something about it. You don't have to wait until January 1, 2006 to make this happen. You can do it NOW!

If you need some encouragement to begin this weight loss journey and see someone who overcame a lifetime of struggle, then pick up a copy of my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" book. I poured my heart and soul into that book because I have been there and want to help others get out of the obesity hole once and for all. God bless you.


Blogger Steve G said...

Fantastic Post! I know from meeting you at the CarbSmart book signing that you are the real deal. Your level of commitment and low carb knowledge is an inspiration to those whose lives you touch. I got a little teary just reading your description of this lady's situation. Someone who can talk the talk and who walks the walk is what low carb dieters need. They need to see that the diet can lead to a lifestyle free from the yoyo pattern so common with other weight loss plans. There needs to be a light at the end of the tunnel and you provide that light. I hope anyone looking for a way out will go to one of your many book signings and take advantage of that great opportunity. To anyone reading this comment, please take the time to read through Jimmy's earlier posts. There is a ton of great information and inspiration to be found there. Hope all is well with you and Christine. Merry Christmas from Steve, Marie, Ryan and Sean

11/26/2005 3:01 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

THANKS, Steve! It's people like you and Andrew and all the other low-carb retailers who are heroes in my book. You give people who desire a healthier lifestyle a place to get the products they need to improve their lives.

What greater honor and privilege is there for one human to impact the life of another? I appreciate your kind comments about me and my weight loss and I hope and pray the message of livin' la vida low-carb will never diminish.

As long as I have breath to breathe (and fingers to type), it won't! :)

11/26/2005 6:21 PM  

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