Thursday, November 03, 2005

Great Reviews For 'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb' At Amazon

The number of great reviews at in the past few days for my new book "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" has been stunning to me. The overwhelming support that so many of you have shown me is beyond my comprehension. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Here is just a sampling of the reviews posted at Amazon in just the past 24 hours:

From Jeff in Parksville, KY

"Jimmy's blog ... has provided me copious amounts of research and information about the Low-Carb lifestyle, which will be my hopefully final choice once I can afford to do it the way that I know will work for me."

Adam (aka "Diet King") from Bayside, NY

"If you have read Jimmy's blog then you already know the man makes no bones about his beliefs ... he's probably one of the greatest (if not the greatest) supporters of the Atkins Diet, and unashamedly admits to consuming more than healthy amounts of protein and healthy fats, much to the chagrin of those on the other side of the low-carb fence ... Not only is this book filled with painful scenarios from Moore's days as a severely overweight man (despite his attempts to keep things light, you'll feel his pain when he writes about trying to get behind the wheel of his car upon setting out for work one morning. You'll also feel his devastation as he is made fun of in front of a full classroom of children while substitute teaching) but it's an easy read ... You can't fault a man who has had such great success (how many can say they've lost 180 pounds in one year?) with low-carb dieting for trying--at least with Moore, what you see is what you get."

Kent from "One of the largest Atkins Support forums"

"As a fellow over 200 pound 'loser' due to Atkins, his words echoed almost all my thoughts as the scale dropped lower and lower. If you listen to him and his wisdom, you WILL be successful. It is one man's perspective on a much attacked subject, but if you want to know what low carbers are thinking and how to refute the naysayers, this book is it."

Carylton from Seattle, WA

"Jimmy's book gives you plenty of information as to WHY this is such a successful way to lose weight, and how you can so successfully maintain your weight loss afterwards ... His narrative style is extremely direct and easy to read and he doesn't pull any punches."

Julia from the USA

"Jimmy is sincere in his determination to spread the word of the benefits of losing weight through the method that worked for him. If you are a low carb fan and need motivation to stick with it, Jimmy provides that in his honest and introspective recap of his journey from obese to fit ... Party on Jimmy, you have earned it."

Kalyn from Salt Lake City, Utah

"Jimmy Moore is completely committed to helping others achieve the same kind of weight loss that he has been able to maintain by following a low carb eating plan. If you are personally not having success reaching or maintaining your optimum weight, or if you haven't been able to even face starting a weight loss diet, I have no doubt that you will find this book helpful and inspiring. I'm sure you will find the book particularly interesting if you haven't been successful with other more 'traditional' diets."

Levi from Vienna, VA

"Jimmy does not hold back when he talks about his own experiences or reports on others. While some may not like this style, I find the passion with which Jimmy writes a nice change from the sometimes dry writing of other authors. I sometimes think of him as a low-carb radio show host or even as a Atkins step-son. While some may view his approach as "over the top" in some ways, the one thing it certainly is NOT is 'boring!'"

Mister Tut from Massachusetts

"Jimmy Moore has a knack for stirring up controversy ... He is also a voracious reader of current research and news as well as a gung-ho, highly entertaining writer on this subject. Many people have latched onto Livin' La Vida Low-Carb as a target for abuse, and that really is a testament to the power of Mr. Moore's story."

Regina from Vienna, VA

"It's a lively read - Jimmy pulls no punches when it comes to talking about how he felt starting his diet (yet another one) or during his weight loss. It's the kind of insight you rarely find in diet books that too often set out to convince you how 'good' you'll feel when you are on the diet ... He challenges his readers to think outside the box and think about why finding what works for you is more important than trying and failing because you follow what the 'experts' tell you is the 'proper' way to lose weight and keep it off ... It's worth reading if you want the inside look at dieting and weight management."

Linda from Oregon

"Jimmy Moore's Livin' La Vida Low-Carb is book that anyone who ever struggled with trying to lose weight will want to read ... His weight loss success is nothing short of a miracle. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles to believe that there IS a solution to getting the weight off without counting calories or eating low fat."

To everyone who wrote a review at, you are the BEST! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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