Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Enjoyed Signing Books In Virginia

My "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" book tour stops in Virginia this weekend were fantastic. Since I lived in the Hampton Roads area for eight years of my life, went to graduate school here, met and married my beautiful wife Christine here, and made lots of cherished memories I will never forget, this place has a special place in my heart.

It was so neat to see so many people I had not seen in a while and, needless to say, they were VERY surprised (in a good way) by the changes that have happened to me.

In fact, this photo (taken with my new digital camera by the way) of me in the KempsRiver Shopping Center Heaven & Earth store in Virginia Beach, VA on Saturday was a little surreal:

You see, it was 10 years ago THIS WEEK that I started working part-time at that very store during the Christmas holiday season while I was earning my Master's Degree. Now, a decade later, I'm one of the authors with a book on the shelf. That's still so strange to me! :)

Of course, my darling wife Christine was right there with me for the book signing despite the fact that she has been fighting a cold since we came to VA:

It was a lot of fun seeing some familiar faces and meeting new friends during the book signings, too. I've gotten into a pretty good routine now about asking for the person's name and how to spell it when I'm signing books:

Kudos to Rick at Heaven & Earth at KempsRiver (in the picture below) and all the great management and marketing team for making this weekend's book signings a great success:

I also appreciate Anne Verebeley (pictured with me below), the station manager for The Current. That radio station has come a LONG way since I was a disc jockey with them back in the early to mid-1990s. They had a live remote at two of my book signings and I appreciate their support:

There is one more special photo I wanted to share with you about a man named Bob Tureman:

Like me, Bob has struggled with his weight for his entire life. He (and several other friends from my old church Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, VA) decided he cannot deal with being obese any longer and has chosen to have the gastric bypass surgery.

As someone who has thought about having that done in the past before livin' la vida low-carb saved me, it is NOT an easy decision to make. But it has helped so many people, including my friend Beth Badore and her husband.

Bob, for example, has lost over 100 pounds in that picture you see above. He was a mammoth man who had trouble with even the simplest everyday tasks, including standing up long enough to catch up on old times with a friend.

But praise God Bob is a changing man because of his decision to get serious about his obesity and turn his life around. He already has a pacemaker and takes a handful of medications and vitamin supplements to help him. With the right mindset, Bob is well on his way to restoring his health for the sake of his two twin teenaged boys.

Are you like Bob and I used to be and have allowed yourself to get bigger than you ever thought you would be? Do you feel like there is no hope for you now because you've messed up too much? Be of good cheer, my friend, because weight loss can and will happen for you just as it happened for me and is happening for Bob.

Commit yourself today to JUST DO IT (that may sound cliche, but it is what you need to do) and watch how amazing transformations will happen to you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Remember, I am always here available to edify and encourage you if you need to be strengthened. I know the hurt and pain that being fat delivers. It's not any fun. But I am confident that YOU CAN DO IT just like I was able to do it. Pray for God to lift you up and help you triumph victoriously over your weight problem. He is big enough to make a miracle happen for you!

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