Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Is Low-Carb Living Healthy For Children?

Check out this advice at the kid-friendly Fact Monster web site from a Gloucester, Massachusetts-based pediatrician named Dr. Brian Orr about his opinion of livin' la vida low-carb for kids:

No diet is good for kids. You may have heard about some fad diets such as the Atkins Diet or the South Beach Diet. Adults follow these diets to lose weight. Most diets work at the beginning, but it's hard for adults to keep the weight off over a long period of time. As for kids, no diet is as effective as eating sensibly. You also need to exercise each day to keep you healthy and trim. So turn off the TV, get up and be active and eat your fruits and vegetables. Do I sound like your mother?

Here's yet another so-called health "expert" attempting to explain away the incredible results of being on a low-carb lifestyle.

Dr. Orr claims that "no diet is good for kids" and yet we have this growing and growing (literally!) obesity problem that for some odd reason ain't going away.

Why do you think that is, Dr. Orr? Could it be that the low-fat/low-calorie/portion control mantra that you and others have pushed and promoted for the past few decades isn't working?

Describing the Atkins Diet or even the South Beach Diet as "fad diets" does nothing to diminish their effectiveness for people like me and the millions of others who have found success on them.

Fad or not, there are a whole lot of people still losing tons of weight on low-carb. That fact is undeniable.

Additionally, they are keeping that weight off over the long term when they continue to make low-carb their permanent lifestyle change. That's what I did and the weight has stayed off (it's even come down a little more since I concluded the "diet").

There's no reason at all why people, young or old, cannot "keep the weight off over a long period of time."

Regarding the health habits of children, I agree that they need to be active and exercise to supplement good nutritional intake. Eating fruits and vegetables fits well into the low-carb lifestyle as well as good portions of protein and fats to give them energy to get through the day.

Take the sugar and junk food out of their hands and soon the term "obesity" could be eradicated from our dictionary!

Is low-carb healthy for children? You better believe it is! With childhood obesity getting worse no thanks to the government, we can and must do something about it for the sake of the health of our children.

After all, they are the leaders of tomorrow and we must protect that investment by whatever means we have.


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