Monday, November 07, 2005

Psychic Points To The Stars For Weight Loss

Psychic Maria Shaw believes your zodiac sign determines weight loss

You know, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.

This Saginaw (MI) News story is about a new weight loss book from a celebrity psychic who says the secret to weight loss success depends on your astrological sign.

It's called "Maria Shaw's Astro Diet" and I'm not kidding! She sincerely believes people should look to their zodiac sign and act accordingly to reach their desired weight and overcome obstacles to keeping their weight under control.

As an accomplished author, this is Shaw's first book on dieting. Let's see how twisted she gets with her weight loss advice.

She claims that there are certain times when it is best for people to try to lose weight, times when people should not try to lose weight, and times when people should just maintain their weight.

In fact, Shaw said there are even "bad years" for trying to lose weight depending on your sign.

"Everybody has good years and bad years for losing weight," she said. "My last bad year was 1994. It's here again in 2006. I've gained 10 pounds already so I really have to watch it."

Gee, I guess that means 2004 was a "good year" for this Capricorn to lose weight since I dropped 180 pounds! And 2005 must have been a pretty good year, too, as I will likely lose another 10-15 pounds by year end. So what does 2006 have in store for me? Ooooooooh! Will I lose or will I gain? I'm quaking in my boots wondering what the stars in the sky are gonna hold for this former 410-pounder!

Give me a break, people! Is she serious?! Well, in her mind, I'm sure she's dead serious. We are talking about somebody who looks to the stars for her answers to all of life's problems. And people who believe this kind of stuff will undoubtedly flock to buy her book. Interestingly, it must not be that mainstream, though, since it doesn't even show up at!

Shaw admits she is not a nutritionist or dietitian, but simply shares "common sense" (in her mind!) about how to effectively lose weight. But she includes testimonies of people who supposedly lost weight on her diet plan and gives instruction and predictions to dieters in 2006. She believes "knowledge is power" and said people should "know when to expect progress and when to prepare for pitfalls."

"Timing is everything. Knowing when you'll lose weight and when you give in to temptation will help you to stick to your diet program," she opined.

Oh really?! How about preparing people for the worst and helping them to expect the best in their weight loss efforts, Ms. Shaw? What's so wrong with that strategy rather than the hit-or-miss "let me look at the stars" approach? Yeah, I'm skeptical and for good reason. It's all a big crock of you know what to believe anything other than the good sense and knowledge that God has given you to control your weight.

I don't need to read my horoscope to find out how to lose weight and keep it off. All I need is to continue to pray that God would be gracious to me in my efforts to continue on with the weight loss he has given me and praise Him for the miracle he has performed through the low-carb lifestyle. This is a program built on sound science that makes a lot more sense to me than the load of horse manure being promoted by Shaw.

But she's not done yet. Shaw said she is now experimenting with her "gain year" this year to see if she can buck the trend and may write another book about it.

"With free will you can change anything. I'm working on proving that theory this year as I attempt to shed pounds in my weight-gain year," she revealed. "I want to prove free will is stronger. Even if you know it's your weight gain year you can fight it. If I'm successful I plan to write a sequel."

Hoo boy. Just what we need. Yet ANOTHER looney fad diet book to clog up bookstore shelves.

Guess what, Ms. Shaw. Free will avails me of the opportunity to pass right over this book and grab a more sensible diet plan built around solid principles of livin' la vida low-carb and healthy habits. There are plenty to choose from among my Recommended Books section.

I don't care how desperate you get to lose weight, don't fall into the trap of buying a book like "Maria Shaw's Astro Diet." The only thing it will help you lose is your money and your mind! Start livin' la vida low-carb instead!


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