Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Came Early: 6,200 Visits In One Day!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 will forever be remembered as the day the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog exploded.

When all was said and done on the day's numbers, there were 6,197 pageviews at this blog -- in just ONE day! To give you perspective on that number, in a "typical" day I'll run about 500 pageviews. On Wednesday I had 12 times that normal pageview count! WOWsers!

Many of those visits were from first-time visitors to the blog who found it through one of my articles (where I am the editor) that are also reprinted at (where I have been writing columns for the past five years). Most of my blog posts are also published on those web sites which simultaneously get picked up by Google News. That's probably where the majority of YOU first discovered my blog and I am grateful for my affiliation with them.

In fact, the editor of Jonathan Pait wrote a column today highlighting the "record breaking year" that the family of web sites have had.

He noted in the article that November 30, 2005 was the single-biggest day in the history of with over 27,000 pageviews and he attributes this year's success in part to me and a couple of other state political-based web site editors ( and who "really can claim the success" in 2005.

Actually, one of my columns became the first one to ever break through the 10,000 pageview mark for a single article on Wednesday. In just 9 days after being posted, this column had over 10,600 pageviews and showed no signs of slowing down. Of course, once people found that story it would lead them to my blog where they could find even more columns that would hopefully interest them.

Jonathan is so excited about the success of (despite being "dragged kicking and screaming into creating" it!) that he is sending out a call to others who would like to become the editor of a theme based site in 2006. It could be on ANYTHING that you are "passionate about" (like I am with low-carb!) as long as you are willing to commit to it with all your heart.

If you are interested, then contact Jonathan Pait and let him know what you want to write about. You'll never meet a nicer guy than Jonathan Pait and I will never forget his willingness to let this wanna-be opinionated fella have his chance to share his thoughts with the world. He was even kind enough to write a review of my book "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" for me. :)

What a GREAT opportunity for other writers who believe they have a message to share with the world through the written word. You will be utterly amazed by how quickly your web site will grow as a result of being affiliated with Jonathan and

Since I launched my blog in late April 2005, I have had over 80,000 pageviews and expect to surpass 100,000 by the end of my first nine months online. I would have never thought the blog would be this successful this fast. It really is a credit to my readers who so faithfully come here day in and day out to be encouraged and educated about the low-carb lifestyle in an entertaining and provocative way. That has been my goal from day one and continues to be the template I try to follow.

As the Christmas season approaches, I cannot begin to show my gratitude for the gift of love and friendship that I have felt from my blog readers. You are undoubtedly some of the most cordial people on the entire planet and I want you to know how much I appreciate you. The e-mails I get from so many of you tell me that what I am doing is exactly what is needed at this time.

I readily admit my writing style can come across as pretty direct at times, but that is by design. It is my mission to tell you the truth no matter how much it may hurt because the truth will illuminate what needs to be seen -- good, bad or ugly. Those who seek to destroy any remnants of the low-carb lifestyle from society will not stop with their lies, perversions, and distortions of what low-carbers are all about.

Because my life has been changed forever because of this way of eating, I cannot sit back and allow these attacks to go unchallenged. If someone has a problem with low-carb and writes about it, then I will call them out. The only way people are going to hear the truth about low-carb is for people who believe in this lifestyle to step up to the plate and share it with a world desperate for answers.

We have the answer to weight loss, health, and good nutrition staring us right in the face -- it's livin' la vida low-carb! Make your voice heard loud and strong for the sake of all those hurting people out there who need to begin the low-carb lifestyle. You can join this effort by becoming a contributing writer for E-mail me at if you want to become a part of the team at

While I don't claim to have all the answers about low-carb, health or weight loss, all I can do is share from my heart those things that matter the most to me by challenging the negativity about livin' la vida low-carb and passing on to you the latest scientific research that proves low-carb is a healthy and effective alternative to the failed low-fat/low-calorie/portion control diets that pervade our society.

God bless you for making my Christmas come early! You are an inspiration to ME and motivate me to continue doing what I am doing to show the whole world that the low-carb lifestyle is alive and well and here to stay. Forever and ever and ever...


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