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Decade-Long Atkins Dieter Tells 'The Truth' About Low-Carb

It's not often that I come across someone who is as equally passionate about the low-carb lifestyle as I am, but I think I have finally met a person who fits the bill. And I am proud to say I consider him my friend.

While he wishes to remain anonymous at this time, he was very forthright about the convictions he holds regarding livin' la vida low-carb as a 10-year veteran and 200+ pound weight loss success story thanks to this way of eating.

The following was written by this low-carb champion who so selflessly honors both me and Dr. Robert C. Atkins for helping people understand why low-carb works and that it can help solve the obesity crisis we now face worldwide.

Sit back and enjoy this one, folks. Like me, he doesn't pull any punches and simply tells you THE TRUTH!

Why You Should Buy Good Books

About 5 years ago I wrote a number of articles that have been posted on the Internet, some of them for, some of them for University forums. Of course these articles were very supportive of low-carb diets, as I, at that time, lost 200+ pounds as a result of implementing the Atkins dietary regimen for a total of 4 years. I lost the weight in 18 months. Since then, I kept it off. So I could say that now, almost in 2006, I have like 10 years of personal experience with this amazing diet.

As a result of my weight loss, and my enthusiasm with this scientific way of eating, I wanted to know all about it - how it works and especially why it works. Don't forget that at that time, Dr. Atkins was vehemently attacked from all sides for his diet. He even had to defend himself before Congress!

All of it was still completely demonized. Although these days all of the critics, and their often imbecilic ideas about the diet, have been shown totally wrong, at that time the evidence for Dr. Atkins' brilliant dietary advice was not widely known outside of the scientific community. And although tens of millions of people bought his books, and followed the diet with great success, he was still more or less a lone voice in the desert of ignorance.

I wish now that I had done then what Jimmy Moore -- the successful, sympathetic and knowledgable author of Livin' La Vida Low-Carb -- has done since. Like Jimmy, I did my research, read the scientific papers, talked to actual scientists and nutritional researchers -- and found, rather quickly, the truth and (hence) why the diet worked and why it was definitely healthy and so very, very effective for the obese.

My friend Jimmy Moore is making a difference, and he totally deserves it. I feel almost guilty not to have done the same, because Dr. Atkins and his amazing diet made such a enormous difference in my life too. The low-carb dietary regimen deserves to be defended, because it contains one essential "nutrient" all others lack: the truth.

Well, we all know our history, don't we? Since those days, from the mid-90's to now, on the brink of 2006, the obesity and diabetes epidemic has only grown into more monstrous, almost apocalyptic proportions. Just as Dr. Atkins has predicted, it is now completely out of control. And still the "dieticians", the "scienticians" (the latter an unholy crossbreed between scientists and politicians) and the self-appointed health "experts" of this world are feeding us the same, lame, simply untrue and most certainly unscientific excuses.

Yes, excuses -- that's all they have to offer for the abysmal and extremely unhealthy results of their advice. They don't have hard scientific evidence to back it up -- although they do have the nerve to attack low-carb as "unscientific." The main, most popular and most simplistic excuse is that Americans (and, "of course", everybody else failing on the low-fat gospel) is not exercising enough and consuming too much fat.

Although I agree that exercise is important for weight loss, weight maintenance and also good health, this is by far not the real nor the complete reason for the total and utter failure of the low-fat gospel. Of course one can lose weight on a low-fat diet, and perhaps even (if one exercises like a demon and accepts constant hunger pangs as "normal") maintain at least some of that weight loss, that still doesn't make it healthy. It's a metabolically impossible diet, with grave consequences -- severe yo-yo effects, far from optimal health, risk of cancer and type II diabetes, several risks to the brain and other essential cells, CVE's, and more.

The real reason for the failure of the low-fat gospel is the very fact that it is not scientific. It simply has no scientific basis, no real foundation whatsoever in nutritional science. Even the billions of research dollars that have been spent by its staunchest supporters to show this fallacy to be founded in nutritional science have been totally wasted -- all they found was scientific evidence to the contrary. And thus these costly major studies were ignored and buried, or had its results misrepresented. The same goes for the cholesterol myth, by the way.

The scientific fact is that a low-fat diet works against your body, against your metabolism, and exposes it to all kinds of real dangers -- not to mention the grave dangers resulting from the lack of several essential nutrients like adequate intake of healthy fats and quality proteins, as well as micronutrients like minerals and vitamins - all thanks to a closely related, even more widely touted, even bigger lie: portion control.

Some people (including even professionals who should know better) are convinced that portion control, of course immediately supported by the pharmaceutical industry with products like appetite suppressants, are "normal", a normal fact of life. It all boils down to their simplistic interpretation of the sacrosanct Calorie Theory. This, of course, is the biggest lie in the history of nutritional science, and really a total travesty. The results? Morbidly obese persons with severe signs of malnutrition.

That's why it is important to read good books. That's why is it important to read Jimmy Moore's book, and also Dr. Atkins' many writings about low-carb diets and nutritional science.

More specifically, there are a number of reasons, from which at least three clearly stand out: 1) motivation, 2) insight, and 3) scientific knowledge. These three essential constituents will give you the means to succeed permanently.

Motivation not only by reading the fascinating, wonderful success stories, but also what to expect in terms of adopting this way of eating, and aligning it to your specific metabolism. In fact these are not diets but instead could be characterized as dietary regimens -- a truly scientific, intelligent way of eating.

And that is also what insight will provide you. You will (finally!) understand your body, understand, based on rock-solid science, WHY your body reacts the way it does and WHY you should work with it instead of against it. It also shows you WHY low-fat is dangerous and not founded in science, WHY calorie restricted and starvation diets have caused and are still causing incredible damage and suffering, and even premature deaths.

And then finally, The Hard Facts: scientific knowledge. This gives you reference ammo: and plenty of it. And it's good ammo too -- it will easily penetrate the thick but fake armor of the fat-phobists and perhaps, maybe, there is a tiny little chance that it will indeed make them actually THINK. But don't hold your breath. Years of indoctrination and low-fat jo-jo dieting may have damaged their brain cells too much ... But the very least of what it will do is anger you. Yes, I said ANGER you. And that anger is a powerful motivator too. If you are like most people, you like to do the right thing and especially more so when it comes to your own body. When you have the knowledge and insight, you are not an easy prey anymore for "dieticians" and the highly profitable but nutritionally empty products and habits they advocate.

This three-pronged "pathway to knowledge" is very powerful indeed and will ensure long term health and success for life -- and that's most literally success for life. If this knowledge was a sword, it would be Excalibur indeed. A very effective and elegant defense against all the evils and lies the big bad world out there will throw at you. As always, the truth will literally set you free.

In 2001, I started my article with "This is my fourth and final report on this widely debated, yet so amazingly effective and extremely healthy diet."

Well, consider this my fifth report. And most certainly not the last one. Since then, I have continued my research and have, also thanks to Jimmy Moore, become more motivated and more enthusiastic than ever to tell about this way of eating.

So let's start over again:

This, then, is my fifth report on this widely debated, yet so amazingly effective and extremely healthy diet. A diet regimen and books that, in my opinion, are easily worth 6 stars, if I only could rate them that high!

I started the Atkins diet 4 years ago [that was in 2001], and now, 200+ pounds less in weight (lost that in a little over 18 months, most of the time in the natural state of ketosis) I am the person I always wanted to be. In excellent health, I might add. I still am easily able to keep it off. This diet is so easy. In fact, after you switch to this lifestyle (this is not a diet, this is a regimen and natural way of eating) you will have no trouble at all to control your weight forever. But you will also gain. Health, that is. And lots of it.

I reported on that earlier, and that hasn’t changed. It kept getting better and better, even. Being a researcher myself, I really have no rational explanation to offer you why I did not start this lifestyle earlier. Four years ago I was heading for a massive CVE (Cardio Vascular Event, or, simply put, a heart attack) plus diabetes and a host of other assorted, albeit less serious ailments.

I should have known better, and the only thing that I regret now is the fact that I did not start earlier. It would have been better for my health and would have prevented many health problems I have suffered from for a long time, mainly as a result of my former obesity.

Still, I wasn’t doing Atkins. Why not? I guess, in retrospective, that I too was totally dazzled and bamboozled by the tons of media and Government-sponsored propaganda (because that is what it is, folks) that is dumped upon us each and every day.

Luckily, I might add, the tide is clearly turning. Slowly, but unmistakeably and unstoppable. You see, the truth always comes out, sooner or later. In this case, it has been too long –- after all, millions of people have suffered and millions more are still suffering from the low-fat myths. But, luckily, the tide is indeed turning.

Lucky, for all of us obese folks. And we are lucky, because the good Dr. Atkins told us the truth and did so for over 30 years.

Don’t let there be any mistake about it –- the Atkins diet is based on rock solid, hard scientific facts. Literal mountains of it, actually. I should know it, because I do read the medical literature. So I know for a fact that even the most prestigious medical and clinical research journals tell essentially the same story: not fat, but carbohydrates are the culprit for the vast majority of us.

But not everybody is fortunate enough to have access to the literal mountains of evidence in favor of the Atkins diet. And are thus susceptible to the misrepresentations and outright lies that are told about low-carb diets. And then they may fail -- all the while thinking it is their fault. One thing is for sure: It isn’t the failure of these poor souls at all! Dr. Atkins and the aforementioned scientific evidence, on which he based his diet, proves it conclusively.

It is therefore my opinion that you should buy the Atkins diet book(s) as well as Jimmy Moore's book and read all other good sources of information you can get your hands on. Jimmy's blog is definitely one of them. Much of this information is referenced in these books, but also checkout their websites. Find the information. Read it, and be amazed like I was. Do the research –- and find the truth. It is important in life to make wise choices, and make informed choices. These books and websites enable you to do just that.

You will, of course, have to ignore the naysayers, the types that will not be convinced even if they themselves end up in a wheelchair as a result of the perceived myths of their “essential carbohydrates”.

There is no such thing, did you know that? There are essential proteins and essential fats, but there is no such thing as essential carbohydrates in nutritional science. Sure, there are “good” and “bad” carbohydrates, good ones such as green leafy vegetables, legumes, some whole grains, and some fruits. And also many, many bad ones, such as white flour, corn syrup, of
course all sugars and many other over-processed inventions of the modern food industry. These are invented, engineered foods, fake foods. Foods for profit, not for health or even your basic nutritional needs. These are the foods that are guaranteed to make you sick, sooner or later.

Not the wholesome, natural, organic and unprocessed foods low-carb advocates of the likes of Atkins and Jimmy Moore strongly urge you to consume –- and let me assure you they do so with good reason! Just look around you, and you will see the sad ruins of our current dietary habits and dogmas all around you -- even if you don't want to see them.

It is hardly a secret anymore, these days, that there is an obesity epidemic of enormous proportions, there is no denying it anymore, and it is also no wonder. Sometimes I wonder how many more citizens have to suffer or even die from obesity and the myriad of horrible, related illnesses and health problems before our health officials will finally realize and admit their colossal blunder.

Did you know, for example, that the great friends of the Food Industry, King Sugar and King Corn Syrup, are killing more people than drugs, alcohol, tobacco and car accidents combined? I bet you didn't. Yet it is a sad fact.

Let’s face it, folks, we have been lied to. Yes, we haven been lied to again. Is that upsetting? Heck, no, the Government does that all the time. Intentionally, and sometimes even unintentionally. But the fact that they do so is beyond all reasonable doubt, most intelligent people know that.

Well, you can take your measures. These books and the low-carb dietary regimen is proof of that, and a good start to a better, slimmer, healthier and especially more happy you. And the nice thing is nobody can take that wonderful feeling of the new, healthy you away from you -- not even the Government.

Now a few words to the critics. I have read a lot of criticism about this diet. Tons of it, actually, also on many so called "informed" or even "expert" websites. Most of it has no basis whatsoever in fact, much of it are not even half-truths. The majority is absolute nonsense and totally unscientific. Not even worth reacting on, if there wasn't so much of it –- and they keep repeating the same lame stories over and over again. Lies die very hard.

Let there be no mistake about it. The Atkins diet, in fact all low-carb diets, are all about unprocessed, healthy, wholesome foods. Much vegetables, fish, generous in healthy fats, meats, eggs and other quality protein sources. It is NOT about stuffing yourself daily with tons of red meat and guzzling fat from the can. That is absolute nonsense.

The Atkins diet is completely compatible with (meets or exceeds) the daily RDA ratings (even without vitamin supplements, which I recommend to anybody, slim or not) and it is incomparably healthier than the average American diet, including the disastrous Government food pyramid. The latter showing, by the way, some mighty cracks, even after the latest "upgrade." Not so odd, if you realize that the Food Pyramid is for most people exactly what they do NOT need and hence a sure-fire path to dietary failure, obesity and diabetes.

The Atkins diet, in reality, is a very healthy, for the obese well-balanced diet of fresh, wholesome, organic vegetables, fresh fish and chicken –- it is both filling and nutritious. Some people somehow got the preposterous idea that Atkins is about lots of bacon and processed meats, and no vegetables because they think low-carbers say "all carbs are bad". Absolutely untrue, of course, and a gross misrepresentation of any low-carb diet, including the Atkins diet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that most low-carbers eat more veggies than they ever did before, and they certainly consume more veggies than the average Joe Schmoe on this Food Pyramid low-fat fad diet.

Atkins is about delicious salmon steaks and zucchini, broccoli, lots of fresh salads, tuna and celery. And because your body isn't suffering from the blood sugar (and insulin) rollercoaster that sugar consumption will bring on, you will be feeling wonderful, relaxed and satisfied, and absolutely not hungry. This is not a plug, but just a well-established scientific fact.

Sad, however, is the fact that most people (some "experts" do that even deliberately) mistake the 2-week induction period, which will undoubtedly kick-start ketosis and lipolysis (the breakdown of lipids by hydrolysis, in other words: fat burning) for the entire diet. Again, nothing could be further from the truth!

Induction is just there to get your body into fat-burning mode. It is a totally natural state of the human body. Did you know that many (lucky) people are naturally in ketosis, without even knowing it, in their sleep? That's how nature has arranged for us humans to regulate body weight as well as to survive in times of famine. After that initial phase of the regimen, we pretty much eat "normally" -- that is, healthily.

That means lots of fish and chicken, lots of great, fresh veggies, berries and nuts. But we rigorously cut out all the junk food, and see what an incredible difference it makes.

In addition to all the great medical background and step by step instructions, these books even have a selection of delicious recipes and suggestions for everybody, plus, in case of the Atkins book, one for those with specific medical problems. This isn't a simplistic starvation diet based on the fallacy of the Calorie Theory.

This is a luxury diet, a regimen suited for a King and, more importantly, a natural way of eating the human body is perfectly adapted to, or, better put, designed for. It's about eating delicious foods like filet mignon and salmon steak, with asparagus and tomato on the side, and having your body thank you by automatically and naturally shedding the excess fat it no longer wants. Yes, the fat -- not muscle tissue as with low-fat, low-salt, low-cholesterol diets and other fad diets that rely entirely on portion control, or appetite suppressants, or even ordinary starvation.

I myself have lost over 200 pounds thanks to this incredible, health-promoting diet. I have seen others, many others, do the same – and keep it off. All the while improving their health in a absolutely dramatic way.

What more can a person wish for? Dr. Robert C. Atkins, and the great people at the Atkins Center in New York, deserve a Nobel prize for having the intelligence, insight, determination and sheer courage for telling the truth and sticking to it.

It’s about time other health professionals do the same. Many are doing it as we speak, I know quite a few world-class researchers who have come forward and are openly stating the facts, but still too many "scienticians" are digging in and are still touting yesteryears dogmas and lies –- probably for quite other motives than your health!

Punish them -- by buying Dr. Atkins's and Jimmy Moore's books and prove them wrong -- by eating the way you should. Eat luxuriously, from the fat of the land, while slimming down and getting healthier. You would honor Dr. Atkins, honor your body, and most likely totally amaze your doctor! And perhaps even silence the critics for once and for all -- most likely, because you will outlive them!

Good health to you all.

Can you tell I like this guy?! LOL!

Let his words motivate you TODAY to begin anew in your low-carb lifestyle and tell the whole world what a wonderfully satisfying and effective way to lose weight that livin' la vida low-carb really is!


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