Monday, December 05, 2005

I'm Gonna Be On Television...AGAIN!

My wife and I were on our way back to Spartanburg, South Carolina this afternoon around 3:00pm when my cell phone rang. I was hesitant to answer it because it was pouring down rain and my windshield was fogged up so badly I barely had any visibility. But when I saw it was a unidentified call from South Carolina, I answered it just in case it was an emergency.

I'm glad I did.

It was a reporter from WYFF-TV in Greenville, South Carolina. She said she was working on a story about surviving the holiday season without gaining weight and wanted to use my weight loss success as an inspiration for people who struggle with their weight this time of year.

EXCELLENT! I asked her when she wanted to film the story.

"How does TOMORROW at 10:30am sound," she asked.

YIKES! Television sure does move a lot faster than newspapers do. But since I've already had one television appearance locally, I'm excited to have the opportunity to do another one with my local NBC affiliate (maybe they can put in a good word with Oprah about letting me come on her show! LOL!).

The reporter said she couldn't wait to meet me and hear me talk about losing over 180 pounds and keeping it off. She said to bring before pictures, a copy of my book, and any "big" clothes that I still have. I found a pair of gym shorts that look HUMUNGOUS now on my size 38 waist.

I'll let you know how the interview goes and will post a link to the story and/or video if they put it on their web site.

With New Year's Day coming up, I hope this is the first of many television appearances for me to share my story in an effort to give people hope that they too can lose weight forever!

12-6-05 UPDATE: The shooting of my television segment on WYFF had to be postponed because of a breaking news story today, but the reporter assured me she DEFINITELY wants to still do it. She's supposed to call me back this evening to reschedule possibly for tomorrow or later in the week. This will be INCREDIBLE exposure for me and my book when it does air sometime VERY SOON! I hope it is available online for everyone to see. :)


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