Saturday, December 17, 2005

My 7 Tips For Kicking Sugar For Good

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When I was a guest with my friend Connie Bennett as part of her Fast-Track, Kick-Sugar Countdown Programâ„¢ tele-seminar call on Thursday evening, I shared my 7 tips for kicking sugar.

By popular demand, here they are:

1. Tell yourself that sugar is rat poison and avoid it entirely.

2. Read food labels carefully and watch for hidden sugars in the ingredients. Pay close attention to deceptive marketing tactics such as "no sugar added" or "all natural" foods.

3. Be prepared with sugar-free food and beverage alternatives when you go to parties.

4. As you rid your body of the toxins from sugar addiction, learn to savor the natural sweetness in your food (i.e. I had no idea almonds were sweet).

5. Remind yourself of all the negative effects sugar has on your body by writing down a list of those things and keeping it handy when you are faced with temptation.

6. Recognize that your sensitivity to sugar will become more enhanced the longer you go without it (i.e. food and beverages with sugar in them that you currently eat will become too disgusting to consume in a short time after you kick sugar).

7. Commit yourself to a lifetime of sugar-free living and reap the benefits that this new lifestyle will afford you. Get it in your mind that absolutely nothing will derail you from getting off sugar and losing weight.

I have many more suggestions to help people eliminate sugar from their life, but these will get you started. Sugar addiction is VERY REAL and should not be ignored.

If you make this a matter of grave concern, then you will have the right frame of mind for doing this to better your health. You will NOT miss sugar one bit as hard as that may seem. I was arguably the biggest sugar addict that ever lived and I was able to overcome my perceived "need" for sugar.

Sugar had a stronghold in my life, but not anymore...I've kicked sugar for good now! AND YOU CAN DO IT, TOO!

Check out The Fast-Track, Kick-Sugar Countdown Programâ„¢ to learn, be inspired, and make this happen! Connie Bennett has poured herself completely into this program to help others find what she and I have found about life without sugar. There's nothing sweeter!


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