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Australia, Who's Gonna Be YOUR Biggest Loser?

Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels take "The Biggest Loser" to Australia!

The hit NBC reality television show "The Biggest Loser" featuring personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels has been wildly popular in a country known as "the land down under" -- AUSTRALIA!

Because of the immense enthusiasm from the fans in Australia, "The Biggest Loser" is coming to the television airwaves and will feature both Harper and Michaels with overweight and obese Australian men and women. I kinda wish they'd show the Australian version of "The Biggest Loser" in the United States, but that probably won't happen. :(

Lose Big with Jillian Michaels

Nevertheless, the format of the show will be just a tad bit different than what we have here in America. The show will be on the air for FIVE NIGHTS A WEEK over an 8-week period and will feature 12 weight loss contestants competing for a grand prize of $200,000 and a home fitness studio. Not a shabby prize PLUS the added bonus of weight loss!

Just like the U.S. version of "The Biggest Loser," the contestants will be split into the Red and Blue teams and will compete in various challenges, food temptations, and, of course, that HUGE scale!

While American comedian Caroline Rhea has done an excellent job hosting "The Biggest Loser" here in the United States, the Australian version of the show will feature another comedian, but she has a story that makes her the PERFECT choice to host "The Biggest Loser."

This is the beautiful AJ Rochester in 2006

AJ Rochester is the inspirational leader of a very successful Internet weight loss club for Australians called The Healthy Body Club. Can you believe this woman used to weigh a whole lot more than she does now?

The pictures don't lie:

WOW, what a transformation! Kudos to the producers of Australia's "The Biggest Loser" for choosing the best person to host this show. She will undoubtedly inspire and motivate even the most lethargic contestant to acheive the success they desire.

Biggest Loser Diet Club – Sign Up Now

So, who are these 12 Australian contestants for "The Biggest Loser?"

I'm introduce them to you now:

Catherine “Cat” White

A 27-year old "larger than life" woman who desires to lose weight so she will look good when she marries her long-time sweetheart. She blames her obesity on her occupation as a chef in the early part of her working life. This Melbourne-native hopes "The Biggest Loser" will help her change her life forever.

Fiona Falkiner

A 22-year old knockout has amazingly NEVER had a boyfriend (are the men in Australia CRAZY?!?!) because they all thought she was too fat. This Melbourne beauty is gonna make all those men who turned her down cry themselves to sleep when she sheds the weight on "The Biggest Loser." Hopefully, Fiona will find the true love she so deeply desires after this experience.

Kristie Dignam

This 32-year old mother of five from Perth is the epitome of a working mom -- she works TWO jobs (plus the HUGE third job of raising all those kids!) and stays busy juggling it all. Her dream is to lose weight in time for her husband's 20th class reunion in a few months and she wants to look good for him. She has turned to food for comfort, but wants to change that.

Ruth Almeida de Campos

A 28-year old woman with three very young kids who is deperate to lose weight. This Newcastle mother and wife of five years has had a stressful relationship being apart from her husband throughout their short-lived marriage. As a result, Ruth has turned to eating to help her manage the stress. She's a funny lady which makes her attractive no matter how much she weighs.

Tracy Moores

A 44-year old Sydney woman who has had a lot of competition for beauty within her own family -- they're all MODELS! As a "plus-size model" for many years, Tracy knows it is time to take control of her weight and health. She enjoys life with her husband and three kids and realizes she's "not getting younger." She hopes to walk the catwalk again -- as a regular model!

Jo Cowling

Jo is a 33-year old, in-your-face real estate agent residing in Sydney. She's been big her entire life and has done the rollercoaster ride of dieting like so many of us have. She has excused her lack of exercise because of time constraints with her job, but that's all about to change with "The Biggest Loser" experience that awaits her. She wants to do this for her health.

David Hilyander

In a striking resemblance to Matt Hoover, "The Biggest Loser" winner from Season Two in the U.S., David is a 33-year old beer guzzling party animal from Sydney who enjoys being involved with rugby. But his weight has prevented him from playing a more active role and has been derogatorily compared with hefty actor John Candy. These insults and his ever-increasing waist size have led him to become depressed despite having a positive outlook on life.

Big Wal (Vladimir Milberg)

Hailing from Townsville, this burly 42-year old father of two is a fireman who has been given an ultimatum -- lose weight or lose your job! His slow reaction time when the fire alarm sounds has his superiors concerned he's not fit enough for the job anymore. Big Wal eats a whopping EIGHT meals a day and believes he'll EASILY lose weight on "The Biggest Loser." We'll see.

Harry Kantzidis

A Melbourne father of two whose emotions got the best of him at "The Biggest Loser" audition. The 35-year old said his son was so embarrassed to be around him that he has to drop the 7-year old off a couple of blocks from his school so nobody would see him. A former athlete and bodybuilder, Harry eats because it makes him happy. He will now learn that he can eat HEALTHY and be happy, too!

Shane Giles

Shane is 38 years old man from Ballarat who says his weight problem makes him gunshy about approaching any woman he finds attractive. Ever since a tragic accident killing his brother rattled him a decade ago, he has turned to food to help him cope. This former AFL football player-turned-musician would like to get back down to his playing weight again.

Adro (Adriano Sarnelli)

The "bald guy" of the show who goes by the name of Adro, he wants to lose weight to be a daddy for a long time for his precious little girl. This 26-year old Newcastle man grew up in a large family both in numbers and in weight thanks to the hearty Italian meals they ate every night. Plus, his mother wouldn't let him play sports because she was afraid he would get hurt.

Artie Rocke

Last but not least, there's Artie -- a 42-year old Hervey Bay single gay man who hopes to attract the man of his dreams with his weight loss on "The Biggest Loser." As someone who is "eating constantly," he has always loved food and is an avid cook. A recent negative incident riding a bicycle convinced him that losing weight is something he needs to do.

There you have it, Aussies! Those are YOUR contestants for "The Biggest Loser" in Australia. I REALLY wish I could watch these shows. Maybe somebody there could tape them for me and ship them to the U.S. for me to watch! LOL!

Check your local listings for when the show will air in your area. For more information about "The Biggest Loser" coming to Australia, click here.

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Blogger Lowcarb_dave said...

I am so glad they are doing this! We are very lucky to have Bob and Jillian do this! I really think they should show this over in the states! Large weight loss is inspirational no matter where it happens! I would tape it for you Jimmy, but my apartment has really bad reception! :(

2/03/2006 9:21 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

I agree that weight loss stories are inspiring regardless of which country they happen in, Dave! I'm so happy for Australia to have this opportunity.

An Aussie friend contacted me just yesterday and said she would LOVE to tape the episodes for me and put them on a DVD so I can watch them.

THANKS for wanting to help me out. I'm finding you Australians are quite the friendly, hospitable types! :)

2/04/2006 11:05 AM  
Blogger Newbirth said...

I really like Catherine's picture. She was my favorite as soon as I saw her.

2/05/2006 8:02 PM  
Blogger The Moose said...

I choose Cat as my favourite too! Hopefully recent newspaper gossip wont ruin her weight loss program and determination! I love her story too and just think shows like this offer a great opportunity for others to be inspired! I am doing my own Biggest Loser while the show is on and i wish to lose 12kg!! Go Cat!! You are my inspiration!!

2/08/2006 12:03 AM  

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