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Kalyn's Kitchen One Of Ten Finalists In Best Cooking/Recipe Blog Contest

Low-carber Kalyn Denny is a finalist for the Best Cooking/Recipe blog

One of the best things about writing at a blog is the incredible opportunity to meet people who I would have otherwise never come into contact with. My weight loss success story has allowed me to communicate with literally thousands of people and I'm meeting many new friends each and every day.

But one of the first people I met when I started out in the blogosphere is an elementary schoolteacher from Utah named Kalyn Denny. I blogged about Kalyn and her new blog Kalyn's Kitchen in May 2005 and have been a BIG FAN of her blog ever since.

Although I enjoy cooking, I am NOT a recipe guy by any stretch of the imagination. Sure I can put together some quick and easy low-carb meals now that I'm well into livin' la vida low-carb, but Kalyn has a way with making all of the ingredients come together perfectly for great-tasting, nutritious, low-carb recipes that will satisfy everyone.

As a South Beach diet success story, Kalyn has quickly grown into a leading low-carb blog on the Internet. In fact, according to the popular blog finder, Kalyn's Kitchen is currently the #1 low-carb blog on the Internet today (guess who is #2? *smile*).

I am so proud of what Kalyn has been able to accomplish and the well-deserved accolades keep coming in. Her Kalyn's Kitchen blog has been named a top ten finalist in the Cooking/Recipe blog category of The Best of the Blogs.

You can vote for Kalyn's Kitchen by CLICKING HERE, but you should be aware of the rules of the judging. While your votes for Kalyn's blog are an important factor in determining whether she wins or not, it's not the ONLY factor that will decide. Each of the blogs can earn a maximum of 50 points from the judges.

- Up to 10 points for presentation (which Kalyn's look fabulous!)
- Up to 10 points for English (Kalyn's a teacher, so she's got this one!)
- Up to 10 points for content (stunning pictures and info on low-carb!)
- Finally, up to 20 points for popularity (this is where YOU come in!)

Forty percent of the judging is from people who vote. So, the MORE people who vote for Kalyn's Kitchen to win the Best Cooking/Recipe blog, the better chance there will be that a low-carb blog will be awarded the winner. And it couldn't happen to a better person than Kalyn Denny. She is a real class act and I am so glad to have met her.

There is one last thing regarding voting. Kalyn blogged about this just in case you run into any trouble when you try to vote. She said that people who use the Internet Explorer browser are having difficulty, so try to use another one if you can. But if that's all you have, here's what she says you can do to vote.

"If you're using [Internet Explorer], you'll have to click on text that says 'vote here' to get to the voting page. It may take a little time for the page to load, depending on your internet connection. Then scroll down quite a ways to get to the category for food blogs; it's the tenth one down. Last, if you end up here or on some other food blog, you have not voted! If you vote correctly by clicking in the circle next to the blog, and then clicking 'vote,' you should get a bar graph showing the voting results. It might be confusing if you're not used to Internet voting procedures."

Thanks for the heads-up about this slight snafu in the voting procedure, Kalyn. On behalf of the readers of the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog, we wish you the best of luck in winning the Best Cooking/Recipe blog in The Best Of The Blogs contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Go vote for Kalyn's Kitchen RIGHT NOW! This will speak great volumes regarding the continued interest in the low-carb lifestyle and will honor the hard work that Kalyn has invested into making her blog THE BEST it can possibly be. THANKS for supporting Kalyn in this!

By the way, let The Best Of The Blogs know it would have been nice to include the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog among the finalists in the Weight Loss/Fitness blog category. :) Send an e-mail here and let him know how much you enjoy my blog. Maybe I could be a write-in candidate. LOL!


Blogger Kalyn said...

Jimmy, thanks so much for all your nice words about me and my blog. You know I am not really the biggest low carb blog on the internet. It's just that food bloggers love to link to each other and Technorati ranks blogs based on links. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing you're the biggest blog based on traffic. It's too bad none of your readers noticed the Best of Blog awards and nominated you, but there's always next year.

1/14/2006 7:24 PM  

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