Friday, January 06, 2006

Livin' La Vida Low-Carb In Milwaukee

My "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" book tour has brought me to the frigid city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend and I am excited to have the opportunity meet so many low-carb friends while I am in town.

I am grateful to be the special guest of Michael and Marilyn Kirtley, owners of Milwaukee's ONLY low-carb store called Low-Carb Central. Serving a community of over 1 million people, these two have found great improvements in their health as a result of livin' la vida low-carb and are providing products to help others who desire living a low-carb, sugar-free lifestyle.

To help promote my Q&A session at 7pm tonight as well as my book signing at Low-Carb Central from 1:00-3:30pm on Saturday, I began a media tour today that was exhausting, but a load of fun.

First up at 11am was my visit to the NBC television affiliate in Milwaukee, WTMJ-TV 4. Although the brief segment went by so fast I barely even remember what I said, anchor Andy Treinen was a top-notch professional and I appreciate his sincere interest in me, my book, and my weight loss success story. THANKS, Andy! It was great meeting you in Milwaukee!

Then at noon, Michael and I scooted over to WMCS 1290AM for a warped-speed 2-hour talk radio segment devoted to the subject of "Overcoming Obesity." The "That's What I'm Talkin' About" show featuring Cassandra McShepherd was guest-hosted by Pat Evans today because Cassandra lost her voice.

But Pat, who formerly co-hosted the show with Cassandra and now lives in Houston, Texas, was such a pleasant surprise and asked some very intimate questions getting me to reveal some of the emotional aspects of my former obesity and how my life has changed since losing nearly 200 pounds. She was a delight to be around and the 120 minutes zipped off the clock so very fast. THANK YOU, Pat for giving the radio listeners a glimpse into my life and for sharing so freely about this subject.

I'll be conducting a 1-hour Q&A session tonight at Low-Carb Central and then hit the sack for a full day of events on Saturday, including a visit to the Fox television affiliate in Milwaukee, WITI Channel 6, for an interview with anchor Nicole Koglin and then my book signing at Low-Carb Central from 1:00-3:30pm.

If you live in or around the Milwaukee metropolitan area, then come by and see me at Low-Carb Central and/or watch for my appearance on Fox on Saturday. I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend and will post lots of great pictures of my trip when I return to South Carolina. SEE YA!

1-7-05 UPDATE: Well, my second LIVE television appearance in two days in Milwaukee happened this morning on Fox-6 WITI at 8am. I enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes of a LIVE news broadcast and today was exceptional.

The anchor who was supposed to interview me, Nicole Koglin, was out today so I was interviewed by her replacement for today named Ted Perry.

Ted was a fun guy who really made me feel comfortable as he talked about my weight loss success, book, and life in general. He even joked about a pair of my old pants being so big that both he and I could fit in them at the same time -- but he told me not to worry that he wouldn't have me do that! LOL! Nope, wasn't gonna happen, Ted!

THANK YOU for having me today, Ted and the crew of Fox-6. I'm glad this interview was a little bit longer than the one at WTMJ on Friday and it gave me a chance to plug the book signing at Low-Carb Central later today as well as this blog.

These past couple of days have been a great warmup for me just in case some of those national shows come a-calling. Dr. Phil, I'm ready! :)


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Hey, just wanted you to know I tapped my goal weight today! My goal is 142 and today I saw 141! I know I'll be up tomorrow, but now I know I can do this! :) Woohoo!

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