Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Loving Each Other Enough To Low-Carb

I am always encouraged when I hear that people decide to make livin' la vida low-carb their way of life. We all have our own reasons for following this way of eating because we all come at it from different perspections. Most of us want to lose weight, improve our health, and get into shape NOW before our obesity overcomes us and leads us down a path like my brother is taking right now. That's not a fun place to be in for anyone.

A precious reader of mine sent me the following e-mail today to let me know both she and her husband-to-be have dedicated themselves to the South Beach diet since New Year's Day 2006 and have been encouraged by my blog. She and her fiance have lost a combined 20 pounds and are well on their way to looking great when the wedding bell chime on April 7th.

Here's her e-mail to me:

Hi Jimmy,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I'm so inspired by your website. My fiance, who previously lost 40 pounds on South Beach, sent me a link to your site shortly after I decided to do South Beach on Jan. 1. We are getting married April 7, and for a year I had told myself that I would lose weight. Well, that never happened. I was obsessed with bread, french fries, and everything terrible that you eat when you're addicted to eating out.

I am at least 60 pounds overweight and I'm only 25. My fiance also recommitted himself to South Beach. Together, over the last month, we have each lost just under 20 pounds. We have a ways to go, but we're so excited! We are eating tons of lean meat and vegetables, and are exercising regularly. It is so awesome to get on the scale and see the numbers go down and feel my clothes get looser and looser. I can only imagine how it must have felt for you!

I'm becoming increasingly confident that I can maintain this healthy way of way of life permanently.But sometimes, I feel discouraged when people ask me about South Beach and then act like I'm an idiot for doing it. I feel like no one will ever get over the whole "must eat low fat" thing. But then I read blogs like yours and I feel encouraged again. So from one low-carber to another, just wanted to say thanks! :)

It looks like these two are on the pathway to success and they should be proud of what they are doing for themselves. They are establishing for themselves the groundwork for a long-lasting and healthy relationship together.

Here was my response:

THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story with me. I KNOW it's hard, but you can do this. I am proud that you and your future husband are getting this beast under control now so that you can leave a lasting legacy of health for your future children together.

Hearing you talk about how you get discouraged by people who don't like the weight loss plan you have chosen reminds me of an entire section of my book where I provide the most common objections to low-carb and how to respond to them. The whole purpose of my book was to encourage, inspire and motivate people to make weight loss a priority before it is too late.

Although you are in your mid-20's, NOW is the time to make this happen for yourself and I am so very proud you two for getting your priorities straight. Never, ever, ever forget the prize that awaits you at the end of this journey. It is so worth it in the end -- no matter how hard it gets! Trust me on this.

I pray God's blessings upon you both as you enter this exciting new chapter in your lives. I am sure this shared experience with only strengthen the bond you two have for each other and will draw you even closer together as you commit yourselves to each other in holy matrimony in just a few short months. You will look FABULOUS!

Be sure to send pictures of the wedding and I'll post them at my blog! And CONGRATULATIONS to you and that lucky man you are marrying. I wish you two many years of happiness together. You should be applauded for loving each other enough to low-carb together. It's an investment that will keep you together for as long as God intended. Take care!


Blogger Cortney said...

Hi Jimmy! Thanks for posting my email! My fiance and I are still doing well. Today was a very proud day for me because I received my "20 pounds lost" t-shirt at Curves, where I go to work out! Last year, I lost 13 lbs on a low-fat diet over several months, then gained it all back. This year, I've lost 20 pounds on South Beach in over just six weeks. It's amazing how effectively a low-carb way of life works. Thanks for continuing to inspire us and all the other low-carbers out there! :) - Cortney

2/09/2006 10:00 PM  

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